Furniture Reupholster Service

Whether you want to revamp your existing furniture or it a whole new look, Dr. Sofa® can provide you with professional reupholstery services. Why give up on your comfortable sofa, when you can change the exterior or make a new slip cover to dress your sofa? Quality furniture deserves a second chance and our goal is to bring life back to your sofa. Read More

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly Service

Whether you are moving to a new home or apartment, the Furniture Surgeon offers comprehensive furniture disassembly and reassembly services for all of your residential and commercial needs. Our Surgeons are reliable and professional, and provide a quality, onsite service that preserves the integrity and value of your furniture. Read More

Furniture Redesign & Fabrication Service

Dr.Sofa® can help you design the piece of furniture of your dreams. Your tastes can run from ultra-modern to traditional. Do you own a piece of furniture and no-longer can find an additional matching piece? We will design and build it for you. All materials used are, of course, eco-friendly and only of the highest quality.

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Furniture Restoration Service

Quality furniture restoration brings back the beauty and integrity to an original piece. That is why the Furniture Surgeon recommends restoring only damaged or lost areas of any piece of furniture. We treat all types of wood using the most appropriate techniques. Each job is given a personal touch, renewing the beauty of the piece and adding to its durability.

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Furniture Repair Service

Quality furniture repair is comprised of invisibility and durability. Dr. Sofa® repairs are virtually seamless; no job should compromise a piece’s integrity or current worth. Each repair is done so that the area which failed will not fail again under normal use.

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Elite Upholstery Service

Whether you want to revamp your old furniture or to give it a new look. Dr. Sofa® can provide professional reupholstery service to all. Why give up your comfortable sofa, when we can simply change the exterior or make a new slip cover to dress your sofa? Quality furniture deserves a second chance. Our goal is to bring life back to your sofa.

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Custom Crafted Sofas

All of Dr Sofa custom built ins are made in the USA We are proud to make quality furniture that can give your home a whole new look. Dr. Sofa® offers service most days of the year, a 24 hour message center, no surprise pricing, comprehensive insurance, a well trained staff and a quality guarantee.

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