Custom Crafted Sofas

All of Dr Sofa custom built ins are made in the USA We are proud to make quality furniture that can give your home a whole new look. Dr. Sofa® offers service most days of the year, a 24 hour message center, no surprise pricing, comprehensive insurance, a well trained staff and a quality guarantee.

Sometimes people dream of Unique Furniture for their homes:

  • Items that can’t be found and are never seen anywhere else.
  • You might want to match a new armchair to your exciting one of a kind sofa


Dr.Sofa® Custom is here to help.

Our Design Team, which includes Architects and Interior Designers, will work closely with you to establish a budget and to produce a complete, well-coordinated and aesthetic solution to all of your needs.


We Provide:


We can provide you with design solutions for any of your spaces:

Closets and Cabinets, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living / Dining Rooms, Family Room or any Exterior Space.

Some home accessory items (wall coverings, fabrics, furniture, carpets, cabinetry, and other decorative elements), offered by different design stores could be custom made or purchased through us for more attractive prices.

We can provide you with a large selection of textiles and leathers from all the top brands at affordable prices, we will make it happened for you.

Dr.Sofa® is able to design almost any piece of furniture, whether it’s upholstery or wood finished cabinetry.
With our expanded work shop, we now have the ability to custom make anything you have in mind.


We can REFINISH anything with any color even Gold or Red. We can build tables from any type of wood, and of course reupholster almost anything.

  • Did you want an Upholstered Head Board with tufted design and head nails?
  • Do you want a large round ottoman for your living room?
  • Do you need a Banquette for your dining area?


We at Dr.Sofa® Custom can design and create your dream furniture, either from a catalog, a design magazine or from your mind. CALL us today at 1-888-8-DRSOFA, and let’s see how we can work together on your project!