What to Consider Before Getting Furniture Disassembly/ Assembly Service in NYC

Sometimes you need to move large furniture pieces to another room or another location, and furniture disassembly may be the only solution. Sad to say many people make the terrible mistake of attempting to disassemble and assemble furniture pieces that are not designed for disassembly. Most are even the expensive ones. Doing such may lead to damages that result in costly repairs. Ouch! We know that  there are DIY and easy-to-assemble furniture pieces like IKEA exists. It is not unusual for people to think that any furniture can also be taken apart just like that. However, handling exquisite and antique furniture will require the expertise of professionals.Identify the Furniture IF you are planning to disassemble a piece of furniture for moving into another area, take the first step – identify the furniture. If it was a DIY furniture piece that was designed to be taken apart and reassembled, you need not worry. The manufacturers have instructions and videos that will guide you to do this. Although this may require some effort from you, you can be confident to finish it quite nicely if you follow the instructions well. Some of the more exquisite and sturdier types of furniture are difficult to disassemble. If not tightly bolted, the parts are doweled and glued together.  If your plan is to move a huge furniture to another location, this type of furniture construction will require more than just common sense to pull off this task. Don’t be among cases of expensive furniture disassembly gone wrong.  If this is the case, call a furniture assembly/ disassembly service before moving.Requirements for Furniture Assembly / Disassembly Time Carefully consider the amount of time for disassembly and assembly of furniture when scheduling this task. It may require you to take the day off from your day job if you schedule it on a weekday.  It will definitely consume you time which you would rather be spending on something else. Furniture experts can do this efficiently. Call a sofa doctor for furniture disassembly and assembly services. Space Furniture disassembly will definitely need a good amount of space during the process. The issue of space limitation is also the main reason why huge furniture needs to be taken apart. Same is also true with moving office furniture.Who will do the job? First, there will be heavy lifting involved when moving and disassembling large furniture pieces. Often, there is not only one or two, but several pieces to deal with. Disassembly and reassembly of wall panels, headboards, bedframes, and large sofas will need more than one person to do the job. If you find this issue a challenge to tackle, you will need to call for help. Tools Each type of task requires special tools. The same goes with furniture disassembly. If you do not have these tools on hand, you will need to shell out money to purchase these at the hardware. More often, industrial grade equipment may not be readily available at your local hardware or depot. Calling a Professional Furniture Disassembly Service At this point, you may have realized that you may need someone to do the job for you. Only trust a sofa disassembly services that has established a good reputation in New York City for years.  You need great care for your expensive furniture pieces during moving. Get someone who will do the job well and who can restore your furniture set in its original form without damage.      

How New Yorkers Solve Their Most Pressing Oversized Sofa Problem

The growing popularity of the oversized sofa invasion has driven homeowners to tears. But this does not stop designers from creating huge sofas for stores and clients. With the great demand for these couches comes great frustrations that need solutions. It is a very stressful experience to realize that a couch won’t fit through the doorway at the last minute. “I get calls at all hours of the night…Usually there are tears involved” said Shlomi Gal-On also known as Dr. Sofa, in an interview with the New York Times.  “One woman called me crying because her couch didn’t fit through the front door of her building,” he said. “When I got to her place it was dark out and she was sitting on the sofa in the middle of the sidewalk, weeping hysterically. She jumped up and threw her arms around me and started shouting, ‘The messiah has come!’ We definitely got some interesting looks from people passing by.” image bye Robert Caplin for The New York Times Disassembly Service to the Rescue In the past decades, the number of desperate calls for help on moving large furniture pieces grew considerably.  In New York, the sofa disassembly service began as a trade during the late 70s, catering to a growing number of clientele. Noticeably, major furniture dealers and designers are offering sofas that are 94 inches or more in length and 43 inches or more in depth, as compared with typical 86 and 36 inches maximums a decade ago. As American houses expanded, the furniture makers followed the trend as well. Decorators get more requests for oversized furniture. Now, they no longer worry about large sizes and moving problems. They know they can always count on reliable furniture disassembly services to take care of that aspect. “The service has ‘saved me a lot of sales lately,’” he said. “I tell them: ‘Don’t worry about size. If you want it, I know a guy who can get it in’ .”  Victor DiBlase, who owns Victor’s Sample Room, a furniture outlet at the New York Design Center emphasized this. No Limits This meticulous task of disassembling and reassembling a furniture piece may look easy in the hands of experts. However, anxiety cannot be avoided especially when dealing with antique furniture and delicate upholstery. Knowing these factores, New York City dwellers still risk buying large furniture and having these taken apart. If just to follow their aesthetic plan for their home interiors, so be it! “Even some of the city’s most luxurious apartments have tiny elevators and door frames,” Mr. Gal-On of Dr. Sofa said. He recalls an experience with his client, Jeff Gordon, the racecar driver, who has contacted his company on two occasions to fit two different couches through his oddly shaped entryway. “I told him not to worry because tight turns are how I earn my money,” Mr. Gal-On said. “He just laughed and said, ‘That’s the same way I earn mine.’ ” Clearly now, the size of a furniture no longer limits the design ideas of furniture makers. The furniture disassembly and reassembly services opened up so many decorating possibilities.  

Common Sofa Emergency Situations in New York City

The sofa remains to be a popular choice of furniture for the home or even for the business lounges in New York City. Like any other item that provides us with comforts, it also comes with its own emergencies. Sometimes, these things happen due to misuse, lack of proper planning, manufacturer fault, or simply because the material has seen better days. Ripped at the SeamsYou’ll never know when the seams of your sofa will eventually rip at the seams. If not remedied immediately, you are to witness further damages. Call a reupholstery service for immediate repair. When you procrastinate and the damage gets too large, a total reupholstery job may be necessary, causing greater expense on your part. Moving an Oversized SofaAnyone who experienced moving to another location bringing a large sofa may encounter this emergency especially little planning was involved. Do not underestimate the issue of moving, especially with prized furniture. Let the experts handle it. Cracked Leather UpholsteryIf your leather upholstery has not been maintained with moisturizers, this can happen any time. Leather is a very durable material for sofas and chairs, but if neglected, horrible things can happen. When cracked leather is visible on your chair upholstery, scratched skin will be the next emergency situation. Sofa Too Big to Fit Through a DoorIt doesn’t matter whether you are living in a small house or a high-rise condo in New York or Manhattan. Moving a sofa through the door can be a very annoying problem for sofa owners. Good thing, there are expert furniture movers, such as DrSofa to the rescue when these emergencies happen. Pet Damaged the SofaPet lovers definitely understand the risks of having upholstered furniture and a pet together inside the house. Leaving a pet unattended with all the freedom in the world to do anything to furniture can lead to unpleasant surprises one day. StainsSofa stains can come from different sources. It could be from spilled food and drinks or from a hyper creative toddler who tried to turn your upholstery into a sketch pad using a pen. The size of the stain doesn’t matter. This IS an emergency situation that needs immediate attention. Mite InfestationAnother emergency that sofa owners figure out one day is the possibility of mite infestation. When members of the household keep getting sick, coughs don’t stop, and colds are common, it’s time to inspect the couch. If your couch hasn’t been deep-cleaned in years, this is now a ripe and full breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. Call a sofa cleaning service immediately. When you acquire a new or a used couch, it can be hard to tell when you will run into an emergency situation. Apart from the urgent solution needed when moving a sofa through the hallway or fitting it through a narrow doorway, there are situations you cannot predict. Always keep the contact number of a sofa doctor within reach. Trust only the upholstery specialists who have been in the business for many years and are trusted by clients in the locality.


Sooner or later, there comes a time when moving furniture out of a house or an apartment becomes inevitable. Be it because you’re moving out and you refuse to part ways with your old furniture pieces, or perhaps because you want to sell your old, overstuffed sofa or donate your beloved pool table to a charity.Whatever the situation may be, there is not a more annoying and nerve-wracking obstacle than realizing your furniture does not fit the door frame and proves impossible to be moved out of a room.“How on earth did great-granny Doris get this huge chaise lounge into the living room a century ago?” people think. And instantly after “I wonder how Doris would get it out these days?”.The answer is one that used to be common in the past – but has become something of an oddity in modern times: furniture disassembly and reassembly in NYC ,NJ ,DC,MA,IL. You see, back in great-grandma Doris’ time a piece of furniture was an investment, something to be treasured no matter how many times a family had to relocate – often moving to a different state hundreds of miles away. These days though, people seem to prefer leaving their old furniture behind when they move out to a shiny new house or apartment and going through the process of buying new stuff. For some people though, that is not an option: maybe there are too many memories attached to a particular piece of furniture, or it may be way too valuable to be left behind. It is for these people that Dr. Sofa’s furniture disassembly & reassembly service exists – and we are proud of being one of the very few specialists in the area to continue this traditional trade. If you are in need of moving your brownstone door or intricate wall unit down through the narrow staircase in your house and worry about how to do it, worry no more. There is no need to bang your head against the wall trying to force a piece of furniture out of a slim door only to realize the laws of physics are not going to make an exception for you – plus you’ll ruin the frame in the process. Simply do what great-granny Doris would do: relax, kick back and leave it to our furniture surgeons. We offer Disassembly and Reassembly services for the following:Sofas (including daybeds, sofa-beds) Wall Units Entertainment Centers Armoires Headboards Pool Tables Beds (including Cribs, Bunk beds, & Murphy beds) Office furniture (cubicles, desks, work-areas)Whether you are moving to a new home or apartment, Dr.Sofa® offers comprehensive furniture disassembly and reassembly services for your residential and commercial needs. Our disassembly, reassembly and upholstery experts will be punctual and professional, and will make sure your furniture suffers no damage. In order to make things more convenient, we can provide on-site estimates so you can better make your decisions. And since we know moving out and coordinating every step can be a stressful ordeal, we have partnered with New York’s leading moving companies and will coordinate with them to ensure the necessary furniture services are provided on the exact dates of your move. No waiting around your new place for the TV couch to be brought back to life! Even though the process may seem simple at first glance, a seasoned and skilled expert is required to disassemble a piece of furniture and restore it back to its exact form. Let an amateur do it and you will soon realize how much you’ll regret it. Leave it to the pro’s: it’s easier, safer and will ultimately prove to be cheaper (since chances are an amateur will ruin your furniture). Any type of furniture can be moved out of a house by the disassembly and reassembly process: Sofas, recliners, bookshelves, buffets, armoires, wall units, entertainment centers, and even pool tables are the usual suspects here – since they tend to be huge, difficult and dangerous to move pieces. With the help of our expert surgeons, however, the entire process will be smooth and safe: our professionals will carefully take your furniture apart and package the individual sections. They’ll then be moved to the new location and reassembled, we service in NYC ,NJ,DC,MA,IL . This is the kind of situation where using a DIY approach will prove to be more expensive than hiring an expert to do it – and for no good reason, since our prices may actually surprise you.(You DON’T want to be these guys) Our furniture surgeons will save you massive amounts of time and energy and you could very well save money in the long run.(What you want is THIS) If you have a move in the horizon and need to make sure your big pieces of furniture make it to your new place intact, do what great-granny Doris would do: contact us here or give us a call.

Furniture Emergency Situation in New York: Sofa Stuck in an Elevator

Having a sofa stuck in an elevator qualifies as an emergency situation in the same way as when someone or something gets trapped inside an elevator. Not only humans or animals are stuck in these cramped spaces, even couches and oversized furniture need emergency attention as well.You may have contemplated on leaving your oversized furniture behind, but then, this couch, wingchair, or bed may be too priceless to just give up. So, you end up bringing it everywhere you move in to no matter what the cost. Now, it’s stuck; as a result, other people in the building could not use the elevator because of an entire sofa is making thing difficult for everyone. In this situation, you have no other choice but to call the New York sofa doctors immediately. Professionals have an immediate solution to this problem no matter how tall, how wide, or how large the furniture is. So, you’re stuck in a situation rendering that elevator useless for transporting your couch to your living space. This is what you should do: Don’t Panic This is the time you need to clear your head. Ask if the building has a service elevator and see if your sofa that’s too big can fit in it. If they have one, you’re one step closer to solving this problem. Even then, you may still have to deal with a cramped hallway or a small doorway when you reach your apartment or condo unit. Call for Help You are no Superman and you would not want to risk damaging your furniture due to mishandling. So, better call the professionals. Don’t worry, sofa doctors get calls like these frequently. This is not new to them. Sometimes, they even get calls from desperate crying customers when their sofa wouldn’t fit the doorway, the hallway, or the elevator. Only trust a company who has years of quality service under their belt. If you are in New York, the staff of DrSofa will be there to help you. The Process Involved More often, the procedure requires furniture disassembly and reassembly. This is a tedious process which can be nerve-wracking if you do not know what you are doing. Experts will be able to take apart your furniture and assemble it in the same way it was before disassembly. If needed or if you request it, they can even cut your furniture into smaller sizes to fit in the intended space. A more detailed explanation of that service can be found here.Sometimes, they only need to temporarily remove parts of the furniture, such as the arm rest or the back rest. Even this process would require removal of joints, linings, and fasteners using industrial level equipment. The best remedy to a problem is to avoid it. If you are moving furniture to another place, be sure to take the exact measurements and have a solid plan on how you can go about it. To eliminate the stress, just entrust this task to a professional furniture disassembly service.

furniture’s delivered for the holidays which cannot fit in ?

Holidays are around the corner , you all excited to have your new furniture’s to be delivered . You are seating patiently waiting , and here it come , after long waiting , your running down the stairs to delivery  guys and OPPPSSS , they look at you and don’t know how to tell you , Mam , your furniture’s don’t fit ? you are crying , ask them what can we do about it ? No worries , the Dr. here ! Have you wondered how to measure your sofa before the big move? Before you buy a new sofa you’ll need to be sure the sofa is not too big to fit in your home. Included in this, you’ll need to take it through the tight stairwells and the passage way to the apartment so you can put the sofa into the chosen room. We come to your rescue and provide a variety of furniture repairs, pool table disassembly, and chaise lounge knock downs. Our procedures and products are of high quality to ensure that our furniture and upholstery repairs are permanent; we can return the appearance of your furniture to excellent condition. Our Trained excellent service technicians. Our trained technicians are competent and equipped to handle entertainment unit dismantling, dresser and bookshelf take apart.  Each of our technicians has the supplies needed to provide instant on-site and in-home wood repair touch ups. We provide emergency services around the clock  for  disassembly assembly reassembly, take apart, knock down, break down, dismantling, assembling and disassembling. We at Dr. Sofa can service your furniture needs. Our service is one that will be memorable including cut-rate, snappy service and professionalism. Covering the 5 boroughs, NJ, CT, Boston and DC, we offer the best prices and guarantee our work. Dr. Sofa offers same day, twenty-four hour, emergency service for take apart for: sofa, sofa bed, sleeper, couch, loveseat, chairs, ottoman, sectional, chaise, Murphy bed, daybed, wall unit, entertainment centers, armoire, beds, and office furniture. furniture disassembly emergency service

sofa too big to fit in ? Dr.Sofa is in !

Sofa Too big to fit in  The Dr. is in! As you all know by now, I ordered a Chesterfield Sofa from England. Well, about a week ago I received notice that it had arrived at the port of call in Secaucus NJ. Getting a sofa out of customs is no easy task. I had to go to Newark NJ to the Customs and Borders office. That was actually painless. I took the NJ transit train to Newark which only took fifteen minutes. The CBP office was only two blocks from the station and there were no lines at all! The big scare for me was the call to Dr. Sofa! Most apartments in my building are pretty big. They have great big living areas, high ceilings and different configurations. The elevator however was made for dwarfs. Seriously, getting any large piece of furniture up to my apartment is a chore. The stairwell is pretty wide, but the door leading into the stairs is too low to allow for larger pieces either. The only answer is to take apart your furniture or order sectionals. I knew I wanted the Chesterfield, but at 8 feet long , I also knew it was not going to fit into the elevators or the stairs. That is where Dr. Sofa comes in. I had heard of Dr. Sofa before, but I did a lot of research prior to calling. The reviews on Yelp, citysearch and other sites were almost all positive. They all said pretty much the same thing. Dr Sofa works miracles, but dont watch them take apart the sofa…its pretty upsetting! Well, I made the call and I have to tell you they were professional from beginning to end. The office staff were very reassuring. I had to drop off the stamped customs letter so they could pick it up at the port, so I went to their offices in the Bronx. They were hidden away on 134th street, but I managed to find them thanks to my GPS and knowing the area a bit. Everyone was terrific there and they even said they do many Chesterfields so I should not worry. Today, my sofa was picked up at the port. They disassembled it there, so when they arrived at my place, it was already apart. That saved me the agita of watching them destroy it! Neil and Mario were incredible. I had actually read about how nice and professional Mario was on the reviews, and indeed he was. Neil was also a pro and very nice as well. They brought up the sofa in two pieces and began the tedious task of putting it back together. A Chesterfield has brass tacks all around the arms, back and bottom of the sofa. Mario and Neil had to put them in one by one! Mario did the nailing while poor Neil had the boring task of straightening out hundreds of tacks which were bent when they were removed from the sofa. The process took about 90 minutes and the end result was fantastic. The sofa is as beautiful as I had hoped and Dr. Sofa did a great job. A big thanks to Mario and Neil and everyone at Dr. Sofa. This a Dr’s visit that anyone can look forward too   …
Contact a furniture doctor at when you're ready for the next step

Top 5 Reasons to Contact the Furniture Doctor

Do you have a furniture piece that needs to be repaired? Don’t try to do the job on your own. Contact a furniture doctor at Dr. Sofa if you are in need of any of the following repairs or services. …
Take the right steps when disassembling a fouton or couch

How to Assemble & Disassemble a Futon or Couch

A futon is a hybrid piece of furniture that can be used in the daytime as a sofa, and at night as a simple bed, because it easily folds flat. It’s a nice piece of furniture to own, because if you don’t have a guest room, you can unfold the futon in the den for your overnight visitors. A futon is also easy to assemble/disassemble in a move. It’s relatively lightweight and has simple components that can be taken apart with a wrench and pliers. This makes a futon distinctly different from other heavier pieces of furniture that are best moved by professionals who know how to properly disassemble pool tables, book cases or couches.  A futon can be disassembled into small pieces and easily transported with minimal risk of damage (or injury.) …
This is one way to move small furniture!

Common Limitations to Furniture Assembly/Disassembly

Whether it is time to move or you are hoping to rearrange your furniture pieces, the assembly and disassembly of furniture may be the only way to get your items to their new and desired location. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of trying to assemble and disassemble expensive furniture pieces that aren’t designed to be taken apart, and this could lead to permanent damage of the item. While some furniture brands like IKEA are designed for simple assembly and disassembly, nicer pieces will require the experience of a trained professional. Identifying the Type of Furniture If you are considering assembling or disassembling a large piece of furniture to move it into a smaller location, it is important to first take the step to identify the type of item that needs to be moved. If it is simply an IKEA piece, which is meant to be taken apart and put back together, you may be able to assemble and disassemble the item by yourself without any issues. In fact, all sorts of videos exist about IKEA furniture assembly, providing tips and advice on how to best assemble these pieces after you bring them home. Keep in mind, this can be a lengthy process. Nicer furniture pieces that are not specifically designed to be taken apart will be more difficult to disassemble. These items are generally usually glued and doweled together, so there may be no method in place to disassemble them if you are hoping to move the item from one location to another. If you attempt one of these projects on your own, you will likely encounter a variety of problems, and there are numerous websites with stories about furniture assembly and disassembly gone wrong. Resources Needed for Furniture Assembly/Disassembly Before you take on a furniture project on your own, you should also consider the resources needed to complete this task:Time: Disassembling furniture and putting it back together can be a very time intensive process, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. This may involve you taking time off work or spending your weekend on your furniture project rather than having fun with your friends and family. Space: Taking apart or putting together a furniture item generally requires a large amount of room, so if you live in a small apartment, you might not have the space requirement to get the job done. This is especially true with sofa and couch disassembly or when moving office furniture. Labor: Furniture assembly and disassembly often requires heavy lifting, so if you are unable to lift these items on your own you will need to call in reinforcements for assistance. Bed disassembly is often especially challenging, as large bed frames and heavy headboards may require multiple people to move. Money: While working on your furniture item, you may find that you need certain tools to finish the job. If you don’t have them, this could lead to an expensive trip to your local hardware store.When You Should Call in a Professional There are a variety of scenarios where it makes sense to call in a professional for your furniture assembly, disassembly, and moving needs. Custom pieces, like custom bed frame assembly or take apart services, should be left to a professional with expertise in how to safely disassemble these items. Sofa and couch disassembly should also be left to the professionals, as great care is needed to safely take these pieces apart, transport them without damage, and put them back together to restore the original function and appearance.