4 Ways to Modernize the Living Room of Your New Jersey Home

When you stop noticing your living room style, it means it needs a makeover. You may have been keeping your old, drab, dark furniture pieces for far too long. The patterns, textures, and colors help keep a room updated and more alive. You do not need to throw away your old furniture and fixtures. There are ways you can modernize your residential or office space in New Jersey without spending a fortune.  Bring back the excitement to your living room with these ideas. …

Preparing your New York Rooftop and Outdoor Furniture for Summer

Decorate your rooftop deck with some outdoor furniture and a few tweaks for the summer. Transform your rooftop space from a mere solid slab to a cozy party or entertainment area. A rooftop offers a peaceful and secluded entertaining spot in the middle of the city. When space is a luxury, such as in New York, rooftops are awesome places to transform. The panoramic views make rooftop deck transformations so worth all the effort. …

You Will Need These Useful Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Summer in Virginia

When it’s summer and the weather is great, it would be nice to have the perfect outdoor furniture to complement your activities.  Are you fond of swimming, outdoor cooking, sunbathing, or sports? Relaxing outdoors is as irresistible as the diving into the crystal-clear cool waters on a hot summer day. This will not be complete without the right outdoor furniture. …

What Type of Outdoor Furniture is Best for Your NYC Home?

Choosing outdoor furniture is just as important as choosing indoor furniture. As the temperature rises in the summer season, lounging and entertaining outdoors become enticing.  The choice of furniture determines the quality of comfort and enjoyment you will experience. How then should you prepare for this when you live in a city like New York? With the almost endless choices of styles for outdoor furniture, the challenge is real. Let us help you make the right choice for your home or business space.What to Look For The factors involved in choosing outdoor furniture goes beyond those of style and comfort. When deciding on furniture you will use on your patio or backyard, consider occurrence of sun, rain, snow, plants, pollen, tree, salt water, or even insects. Depending on the surroundings of your intended outdoor area, choose materials that can withstand outdoor elements. Each one has its own qualities. What is most important is to find a material that is waterproof and rustproof to last several years. Popular materials include wicker, plastic, metal, aluminum, and wood. Determine how long you plan to keep the furniture outside to help you decide which type of material to choose. For those who intend to keep their outdoor furniture exposed year-round, teak wood would be the best choice. Consider your Space Are you looking for a garden furniture or a set for the roof deck? If you feel you need to constantly transform a space from season to season, consider the weight and mobility issues of your pieces. Plastic, wicker, and aluminum, chairs and tables are among the lightweight pieces that you can move around easily. Storage is also an issue for those who live in small apartments or those with limited spaces. But these factors should not prevent you from enjoying the lovely outdoors. There are foldables and stackables that you can choose from. Furnishings are available in different styles and sizes.  You can even order custom furniture to fit your area specifications. PurposeIf you are fond of entertaining guests, go for weatherproof and reconfigurable sets. Adding upholstery to your outdoor furniture brings in a higher level of comfort as well as a greater aesthetic appeal. Just be sure to maintain and protect the cushions, upholstery, and of course the frames. Use covers to protect the upholstery when furnishings are not in use. City air tend to be more acidic than air from the countryside. Consider these when choosing your furniture sets. Even if you live in a place with unpredictable weather, you can still enjoy lounging outdoors. Choose materials you can easily wipe moisture off. If you still want cushions, just keep them indoors while not in use. Choose upholstery fabrics that are durable for the outdoors as well. Nothing could keep you from enjoying the al fresco setting during the summer. Whether you live in the suburbs of New York or in an apartment downtown. It’s just a matter of choosing the perfect patio or garden furniture. If you happen to have used furniture you wish to transform for outdoor purposes, you can always call on DrSofa for furniture repair and customizations.      

Experts Speak About Tips on Buying a Comfy Sofa

The sofa could be the most revered furniture item in the living room or entertainment center. For this reason, we just could not leave this crucial selection process to chance. Watching a good movie or a riveting Netflix show is even better when done on in cozy comfort provided by a well-chosen sofa just for you. Homeowners and interior designers agree that this huge furniture piece is one major investment you will have to make in your home. It is only reasonable to choose well since it will serve you for many years. HGTV Personal Shopper asked experts their opinions and tips on the factors to consider when choosing a couch. Consider your Budget Did you know that you could still get a good sofa at low prices? That’s one good news for all who are shopping with a limited budget. Cindy W. Hodnett, Upholstery and Style Editor for Furniture Today stated that “You can find an affordable, high-quality sofa — and the exact opposite is true as well.” One factor that raises the sofa’s price is its type. There are many types of sofas, and each one has a unique capability. It is important to decide on the purpose of your sofa before finalizing your budget on it. “A sofa you plan to make the centerpiece of your living room in your dream-house might be worth more of an investment,” according to Max Bar-Nahum, director of custom upholstery at DrSofa, a furniture services company specializing on disassembly (and reassembly), upholstery, repair, and custom furniture. “On the other hand, if you know your tastes change often, you’ll be moving in a couple of years, or if it’s the sofa you’ll put in your playroom for your kids to hang out on, you might not want to spend too much over your budget.” Style Choice What do you want from a couch? Based on you budget range, you now have streamlined your choices. Would you need a sectional, a sofa, or a loveseat? Consider the shape and size seriously. Know beforehand if the new sofa will fit your room or if it will fit through the door. In cases like these, you can always call on a sofa disassembly/ reassembly service. Only deal with reputable retailers. Lessen you worries by buying from established furniture retailers. Bar-Nahum of DrSofa says, “you can buy a sofa on Craiglist or at some small corner furniture store, but you may not get the support you need,… The salespeople at bigger stores like Crate & Barrel or Room & Board, for example, have training, so they know how to answer your questions — or find out the answer to something they don’t know.” Choose good upholstery. When it comes to upholstery and materials, Bar-Nahum suggests getting couches with denser foam. “Denser foam will last longer and provide more support,” says Bar-Nahum. “We prefer ultra-high density or high-density clean foams.” If you live with active household members or with pets, you may want to choose performance fabrics that are stain resistant. “If you’re buying a sofa that will sit in a formal living room you’ll use twice a year, you can go for a more delicate fabric like linen, but in a family room you’ll use every day that material probably won’t last very long,” says Bar-Nahum. Featured upholstery experts have spoken. If you need more information on choosing the right sofa,call an upholstery service company near you.            
outdoor sectional sofa

Custom Furniture and Remodeling for Outdoor Spaces NYC Style

As the season changes, this also calls for a nice set up of your outdoor space. Why not go for custom furniture that matches your style, personality, and lifestyle? An excellent combination of furniture and other design elements can still create a unified look. The right shape, upholstery fabric, and furniture frames will beckon you and your guests to lounge in that inviting space you have created. It may sound daunting at first that you may be tempted to just go with ready-made pieces. Going that route does not provide the same satisfaction as carefully giving thought to piece. We have collected some great ideas you can use to help you set up a cozy outdoor space. Cushioned IronIf you have wrought iron chairs used for garden sets, those are perfect outdoor furniture. Dressed up with new cushions upholstered in outdoor fabric, these sets add an indoor type of comfort to the patio area. Beach Scene in Your BackyardIt doesn’t matter if you are living near the beach in the middle  of New York City. You can set up a beach vibe on an outdoor sitting area that evokes the same summer beach atmosphere. You may even add sand to the floor for a more realistic feel. Revive Wooden Furniture With New CushionsIf you have sturdy chairs with wooden frames, all you need to do is to have a custom upholstery cushions fitted perfectly on each one. Change the fabric as needed to match your style and the changing seasons. Use an Area Rug Transform an outdoor area into a cozier space with the addition of an area rug. It does an amazing job of pulling together all elements into an atmosphere that invites a lot of conversations. Accentuate the Area with Rich TextilesRich textiles that cover upholstery can also look great outdoors. Why hide a boldly colored couch indoors when you can also enjoy the same luxurious feel on your porch or patio? Bring them out if you feel like it. Sofas are Cool Outdoors, TooWho says that only wicker, wood, metal, and bean bags are the only popular outdoor furniture? Sofas and love seats are just as great. They can look bulky but they invite dreamy naps and the size is no longer an issue. You can have them customized according to the shape of the area. Whether you live by the beach or in an apartment in Hampton or New Jersey, you can get that same summery outdoor vibe with a perfect selection of custom outdoor furniture. Outdoor custom upholstery looks chic all the time, and of course, it speaks  a lot about comfort. Cushions always invite relaxation and longer unhurried conversations. Have a lot of chairs but also remember to place tables for dining and snacks. Perhaps a footrest or two will also come in handy when you just need to put your feet up after a long day while enjoying a delightful cocktail outdoors. With custom furniture, the possibilities are endless. Contact only the best upholstery service near you for project estimates. For those within N.Y. NJ ,DC, Boston, LA, Chicago, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and surrounding areas, you have DrSofa at your service.
Even a small potted plant will bring life to your natural home

Embracing Nature in Your Home Decor

Nothing is as relaxing and comfortable as a house that feels like an extension of the outdoors. Some homeowners take this concept quite far. They may decorate exterior porches, decks or patios with lamps, stuffed chairs and tables to enjoy the feeling of an “outdoor room.” But if your home doesn’t include a porch or patio, you can still enjoy the feeling of the outdoors by incorporating natural features in your interior décor. There are many different ways to achieve the soothing sense of walking into a forest when you walk into your home. Take a look at these design ideas and see if one of them speaks to you! …
Bring the outdoors in with your spring redecorating

Whimsical Home Decor Ideas for Spring

Spring is a time to let the outdoors in, both literally and figuratively. It’s a time for expressing your light, playful side in home décor – a time for natural themes, pastel colors and lots of freshening up. If you’re looking for some whimsical home décor ideas for spring, take a look at these suggestions. They will give you some fun and attractive ideas to make your spring redecorating faster, and more beautiful. …
Accent Colors

3 Accent Colors for Your Home Interior

Home décor can be tricky, especially when it comes to color. If you’re not artistically inclined, and if you can’t afford a pricey designer, you may be hesitant to experiment with accent color. But the good news is, you don’t have to reupholster your leather couch or disassemble furniture to make a change. You can play with color relatively inexpensively, and the rules aren’t really that hard. You can almost always pull off an attractive effect if you use one of three basic accent colors: red, blue, or yellow. These are primary colors – the colors from which almost all others are derived. No matter what main colors you’re using, some value of red, blue, or yellow is sure to complement them. …

5 Ideas for Incorporating Industrial Home Design

Industrial design has many features that make it attractive for home décor, and good news – you don’t have to own a trendy loft apartment downtown to pull off this look. Industrial pieces are spare, modern-looking, low-maintenance and sturdy. They blend readily with many other types of décor, and you can add this look to your home fairly inexpensively. But if you’re more concerned with effect than cost, industrial also is a great décor for showcasing innovative custom furniture that borders on modern art. Here are five ideas for incorporating industrial home design. …