Dr. Sofa can make fading leather look as good as new

Fading Leather Sofa Color: Repair or Replace?

Although leather furniture is quite durable, we generally put it through a lot in our homes. Years of sitting in the exact same place can cause fading, and pets and children can be especially hard on our pieces. However, leather furniture is expensive, so it might not always be an option to run out and buy a new piece when your old couch is starting to look run-down. Fortunately, there are a variety of great services available to help to repair a fading leather sofa, and the end product will be a sofa that looks and feels just like new that you’ll be proud to show off. …
The furniture surgeon can resize your existing furniture to fit into small spaces

Small Sofas in the Big City: NYC

Apartments in New York City aren’t often known for being large and spacious, and for this reason, there is a growing small sofa trend in the city. While there are plenty of ways that you can find a small sofa to fit into your space, many people are also choosing to customize their existing, large couches to make them workable.  …
Try to be creative with your small space

Furniture Design Tips for Small Spaces

Are you moving into a small space and are concerned about how you’ll decorate? If so, you’re in luck, as there are a variety of great ideas out there for furniture design in small spaces. Even if you have a small room, you can still have it beautifully decorated to show off our unique style. …
Custom Ottoman Design

Custom Made Ottomans vs Department Store Furniture

Since at least 1789 when Thomas Jefferson purchased one, ottomans have enjoyed a place of popularity in American homes.  Before that the Europeans found them useful as did the denizens of the Ottoman Empire after which they were named.  Coming in a variety of sizes and even varying shapes they serve multiple purposes and may even be hollow for the purpose of providing storage space.  …
Office Furniture Assembly can be a Daunting Task

Office Furniture Assembly – Handle With Care

If your business is a typical one your office is the face of your business.  It’s where your clients come to meet you, close deals, ask questions, and negotiate new contracts.  It’s where your employees spend nearly half of their waking day.  It is, for many employees, a home away from home. …

Light Up a Room with Custom-Made Furniture

Nothing is more depressing than a dark, stuffy living room or dining area without sufficient light or air. Of course, no one intentionally makes his or her home look lifeless and dreary, but poor design and thoughtless furniture choices can create this rather unfortunate effect. Lots of bad decisions can make a space look gloomy: for example, a room without windows, such as a basement, can feel like a basic storage unit if there aren’t enough light fixtures or free-standing lamps to brighten it up. Heavy curtains or a large piece of furniture blocking the window can cut off the light in any room, and dark walls and floors or dark furniture that look elegant in a showroom can also serve to create a heavy, somber mood at home. …
Pool area and outdoor furniture

Furniture Redesign for Your Boat or Pool Area

Summer is quickly approaching, and warmer temperatures may have you looking at your outdoor space and what can be done to spruce it up. A backyard patio or deck can be a great place to hold your next summer get together or host family cookouts, and a simple furniture redesign project can revamp a previously neglected pool or boat area to create a beautiful gathering space. …
Wood Furniture

Why to Choose Wood Furniture: 3 Reasons

Modern materials such as plastic and chrome can be durable and dramatic, but when it comes to furniture for the home, real wood is the undisputed king of the castle. There are many compelling reasons for this: all natural wood is low-maintenance, it lasts practically forever under normal conditions, and it has a warm, beautiful luster that blends beautifully into just about every style of décor. From Victorian armoires to Swedish modern tables to Shaker chairs, home furnishings just wouldn’t be the same without wood. Consider these reasons why we love our wooden furniture. Wood Furniture Wood Furniture is Easy to Maintain Most wooden furniture is relatively low-maintenance. You might have to dust it once in awhile, or rub off a white ring, but that’s about it. It’s also easy to refinish, or even to redesign. Wood is amenable to all kinds of treatments: stain, paint, shellac, and many others.  If you want to give Grandma’s wooden armoire a modern makeover, all you have to do is strip it and give it a new top coat. If you’re so inclined, you can also carve designs into its doors, or add decorative dowels. In many cases, you can easily take a wooden piece apart if you need to move it to another location. Even a heavy wooden pool table disassembly or sofa delivery isn’t that big a deal; a furniture pro can simply take the pieces apart, move them, and reassemble them elsewhere. A one-piece plastic or metal object – not so much. Wood Furniture Lasts Forever There’s a good reason why Grandma’s wooden armoire is still in the family. That baby weighs 300 pounds and was built to last. Wood is tough, strong and durable. It takes a heavy blow to seriously damage a sturdy piece, and even scratches and gouges are easily repaired. A couch with a cigarette burn or a ripped leather sofa may require a couch upholstery repair, but a scratched wooden piece can usually be made good as new with a quick swipe of scratch-cover polish or touch up marker. Wood Furniture is Beautiful There’s nothing quite as warm and homey as a beautiful piece of stained wood furniture. Wood can be beautiful in so many different ways: it can be unfinished pine, sanded smooth as silk; it can be a regal, polished cherry wood with a mirror finish; or it can even be a gnarled, knotted slab of wood sawed from a tree stump. Wood furniture is almost like a blank canvas, because no matter how it starts out, it can be stained and finished to fit into almost any setting. A piece of real wood furniture is immediately distinguishable from a particle board piece with a thin top layer of wood glued on. The layered piece looks flat and fake; the real wood looks rich and solid. Wood furniture has been around since men first sat on tree stumps around a fire, and it will probably remain in use for as long as mankind endures. That’s another reason to love wood furniture: millennia of wood furniture fans can’t be wrong!
Small apartments like these just need a bit of creativity in furniture design

Small Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

New York is the home of the studio apartment, and in this city as in no other, home design has to be spare, smart, and multi-functional. Fortunately, there are plenty of clever design ideas to give even the smallest studio a big style makeover. You don’t have to have a Manhattan rooftop apartment to have stylish digs. You just have to know how to make every inch of space count. Take a look at these design ideas – some of them may be just what you need to get the most out of your pied á terre. Small apartments like these just need a bit of creativity in furniture design Right-Size Your Furniture If you have a tiny apartment, it makes no sense to keep large pieces of furniture. Store or sell pieces you don’t use. If you have a piece that you just can’t bear to part with, you can have it redesigned to better fit your space. For example, a furniture professional can redesign your sofa, making it smaller and more proportional to your living space.  You can even commission a custom sofa, such as a corner unit, to better utilize the available space.  Tables and even chairs can also be reduced in size. Back to Back Design If your apartment is essentially one large room, you can break up the space into several living areas with the use of dividers like screens, curtains, or plants. Alternatively, you can push furniture back to back to designate different areas. For example, you might push the back of your bed against the back of your sideboard, to mark the dividing line between your bedroom, and your dining area. It’s also a good idea to use stackable chairs and tables wherever possible, so that after mealtime, they can be moved to free that space for other uses. Choose square tables with shelves that utilize all the space within their footprint, or drape a cloth over a traditional table and store items underneath the skirt. A Murphy, or wall bed, that folds up into its own cabinet when not in use, is also a good idea. Use Wall Space When space is tight, it makes sense to use all available square footage – including vertical space. Use shelving all the way up to the ceiling, and if you can, hang items like pots, pans and other kitchen utensils from the ceiling to free up counter space. Sometimes, sports equipment such as paddles, rackets, or sticks can be stored on the wall and do double duty as pop art. Moving Ideas for Small Spaces Furniture can be problematic if you’re moving to or from a small space. If your old furniture is too big for your new space, it might not fit through the doorway. Most times, the best solution in such a case is simply to discard it, rather than pay to have it moved. But if you have a sentimental attachment, such as a family heirloom, you can solve the problem  by having the furniture disassembled by a professional, moved in pieces, and then reassembled in your new home. Small furniture moves in NYC are a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about getting your stuff through the front door!
Reupholster an old couch to make a statement

Moving In Statement Furniture That Works

Buying furniture from a big-box store is undeniably easy: the pieces are usually of a standard size and design, and the store almost always offers delivery. But the downside is that your next-door neighbors may have exactly the same living room suite, dining table or painting that you do. If you live in a subdivision, the exterior of your house may already look similar to your neighbor’s. If you buy your décor from the same store, the interior of your home may look the same, too. …