Summer Makeover: Upholstery Renewal

Upholstery Renewal Ideas for your Home and Office FurnitureThe cost of good quality furniture is no joke. There are plenty of homes and offices with excellent upholstery work. The experience and comfort of sitting on that gray leather couch in an ultra-modern lounge may make you wish it were in your home. That classic wing chair in it imposing stature may look unaffordable. You could be right, but you also get have stylish furniture at a fraction of a cost. You might wonder how? Try revamping the furniture you have. …

4 Ways to Modernize the Living Room of Your New Jersey Home

When you stop noticing your living room style, it means it needs a makeover. You may have been keeping your old, drab, dark furniture pieces for far too long. The patterns, textures, and colors help keep a room updated and more alive. You do not need to throw away your old furniture and fixtures. There are ways you can modernize your residential or office space in New Jersey without spending a fortune.  Bring back the excitement to your living room with these ideas. …

Office Furniture Reupholstery Service For Your Chicago Business Spaces

Using office furniture reupholstery service is one understated option with a great potential in corporate interior design. As a company, you are definitely concerned about the image you project to your customers and guests. You can uplift this image without the cost incurred by total replacement of office furniture. When upholstery gets worn out, the initial reaction is to replace the whole set of furniture, sometimes even the wall panels. This is a costly move. Reupholstery is the best option.  Office furniture sets are often more durable than home furniture. Sometimes they are custom pieces. Years of use may have damaged the fabric and some cushion fillings. For this reason, hire only experts for this reupholstery project. Waiting areas and Lobbies Seats in the most used areas such as the lobbies and waiting rooms wear out easily with multiple uses. Even the regular upholstery cleaning and occasional deep cleaning will definitely take its toll on the fabric. What’s really great about reupholstering common area seats is that you can breathe new life into the furniture and fittings. It gives a fresher and a trendier look updated for better visual appeal and comfort to greet incoming guests. Clinics and Medical Facilities Upholstered furniture in medical and assisted living facilities are important for the safety and comfort of guests and residents. When choosing upholstery fabrics for this purpose, the best ones have designs that have a cozy appeal. Upholster or reupholster furniture serving these functions in fabrics that mimic a home setting. Banks, Hotel Lobbies, and Other Office Reception Areas These types of businesses need to leave a more formal impression on the guests, clients, or potential clients. If the furniture was pre-owned and acquired in used condition, replace the upholstery material with those in neutral colors. Choose fabrics in subdued patterns as well, otherwise, use plain, neutral colors. Individual Office Chairs Office chairs with high quality and durable frames can serve you far longer than the cheap ones made with plastic frames. Most desk workers sit on their chairs on the average of 20000 hours in a year. It is not unusual to see worn out office chairs that will need reupholstery or replacement. Reupholstery of the lot of quality office chairs is still preferable over buying new but inferior ones if your goal is only to save money. The key is finding an excellent reupholstery company in Chicago that can handle all the chairs in your office. Local businesses recommend DrSofa for this purpose. So, if you are looking at a cozy but worn out swivel chair and feel saddened by its condition, know that there is hope. Executive chairs are comfortable and expensive. If budget is an issue, you do not need to buy a new one. Call reupholstery experts to assess the extent of work needed for its restoration. As you decide to opt for reupholstery of your office furniture, keep in mind that you did yourself and the environment a great favor. You not only saved on cost; you also help reduce waste and landfill. With the fresh new look of your office space having reupolstered furniture, it’s a totally winning decision.

S.O.S. (Sex On Sofa) and Other Things That Damage Your Upholstery

Sex on the sofa? Well, you can see several things that is wrong in this picture.  Read on. A furniture so loved such as the living room couch can last long enough until that day you need to call for upholstery repair.  What happened? You have to accept that not all good things can last, but unlike a broken vase, furniture can be repaired. Fact is, things don’t last forever. Even high quality sofa can take some beating to a certain point where it breaks down. Investing on an excellent furniture is a wise decision. It turns any plain room into a more stylish one. However some activities can ruin the sofa faster and will require you to call for an upholstery repair in due time. Spot on Sofa Abuse Just like a favorite chair in the dining room, we tend to have a favorite sitting spot. It provided you as a better view of the TV or an easier access to the food source. Whatever the reason is, sitting on the same area of the sofa can damage your sofa faster than expected.  If you want your upholstered sofa to last longer, rearrange your chairs occasionally. Shoes on Sofa Sitting or even standing on the sofa with shoes on will definitely takes its toll on the upholstery. Sometimes, people, especially children (or childish folks) would put up their feet on the couch causing not only soiling of the upholstery, but also damaging it in the process. If this happens, remind people to remove their shoes if they are to put up their feet on the couch. Discourage kids to jump on it as well. This will prevent accidents and damages to your favorite couch. If your activities need a special type of couch, consider having a custom made sofa instead. Sleeping on Sofa It is sometimes inevitable to doze off while watching TV especially if you come home tired from a hard day’s work or a trip. If you have to do this regularly, consider getting a sofa bed instead. Sleeping on this favorite chair too often can cause the cushions, upholstery, and frame to sag and deteriorate faster. Not all couches are designed for sleeping, or even sexual activities for that matter. If you begin to notice yourself or someone dozing off, better head to the bedroom real quick. Sharp Objects on Sofa Nothing can damage upholstery faster than direct contact with sharp objects such as pens, pencils, keys, scissors, fork, knives, and yes, even stiletto heels. Prevent upholstery accidents by doing art or craft projects in a designated table or a proper area in the house. If you have to eat with a fork and a knife at the living room where your couch is, leave the utensils on a plate and have a table nearby where you can place them on standby. As I’ve mentioned earlier, no matter how careful you are, in time, upholstery will definitely show signs of wear and tear. You don’t need to throw your favorite lounging furniture away immediately. Call a professional upholsterer to assess the condition of your couch. Maybe all it needs is a reupholstery service to make your couch look new again.

8 Excellent Upholstered Furniture Makeover Ideas for Your New York Home

Used upholstered furniture can still look awesome again after an upholstery makeover. Garage sales, thrift stores, and hand-me-downs are great sources of cheap, if not free, furniture. Old furniture with sturdy frame offers so many possibilities. You can restore it in a style that fits your interiors or your personality. Restoring outdated chairs, couches, ottomans, and other upholstery can do so much to freshen up the look of a room. Check out these upholstery makeover ideas.   1. Eclectic Quilt StyleGive an old wing chair a modern yet cozy look with a quilt style upholstery. You can work around a monotone look or a theme. Try florals, geometrics, or even plain bold colors. It will definitely be a statement piece in any room. 2. Mix and MatchDifferent upholstery colors, materials, and different designs of upholstered furniture can still go together well as long as the colors blend nicely. Plain colors that complement each other create an interesting mix of styles of furniture that serve similar functions. 3. Timeless Classical BeautyOnce in a while, you can chance upon classic pieces like these. Often they may be lone and neglected chairs needing cleaning, revarnishing, and reupholstery. When done well, this can be a nice conversational piece or it can be added to other chairs of similar style. 4. Go MonochromaticSimple and monochromatic does not have to be boring. Experiment on patterns, textures and shades to achieve a sophisticated look using a single interesting furniture against a blank wall together with another design element in the corner of a room. 5. You’ll never go wrong with excellent wood.Chairs with hardwood frames are durable, beautiful, and timeless. These can go with practically any type of upholstery. Bring out the natural beauty of the wood by using wood stain or varnish. 6. Freshen up the set with a new bold color.As the seasons change, so can your upholstery colors. Your once neglected space will keep getting second looks again if you change your upholstery covers or fabrics with a new bold color. 7. Go Retro on Your Upholstered FurnitureImmortalize that distinct retro appeal brought about by striking modern patterns on black leather to complete a 60s pop art style in a dark background. 8. Golden TouchGo baroque-inspired by painting the frame of a chair with ornate carvings in gold. Used as an accent piece or done tastefully, the addition of a furniture with a golden shimmer can add a touch of old-world class to any room. There are so many style opportunities to explore with these functional pieces of upholstered furniture. You will never look at used furniture the same way again. Just remember to check the stability of the chair or couch to know the extent of repair, if any, to be done. If unsure of your upholstery skills, do not hesitate to find a reupholstery service near you. If you are in the areas of N.Y. NJ ,DC, Boston ,LA , or Chicago, Dr. Sofa is there to help you with your furniture issues. The upholsterers will be able to assess the extent of work and cost of repair needed to make that old chair look new again. Choose wisely. The remodeled furniture may stay with you for years to come.  

Does Your Furniture Need Reupholstery?

Individuals seek reupholstery service for various reasons. Reupholstery is definitely a more convenient solution to keep a chair with sentimental value or to reuse a high-quality furniture. You may have bought or inherited a rare piece of furniture or a piece with a style that caught your attention from a sale event for whatever purpose. Now that the sofa or chair is in your possession, the next thing to think about is to find a reupholstery service nearby. Do you really have to? You may be thinking that a few cleaning solutions here and there may just do the job, and Voila! You have a new-looking chair.  This is not always the case. Know why you may need to have your furniture reupholstered. Check the History of the Furniture Piece Know where the previous owner kept the furniture prior to its disposal. Even if that came from a rarely used room from your mom’s mansion, check for existence of mold and mildew. Also, know if the previous owner smoked, if there was illness in the household, or if pets used to sit or sleep on it. You will never really know what microscopic entities came with the couch or the chair. If you do not want to inherit the elements that came with the furniture, then it definitely needs reupholstery as well as some treatment for molds, bedbugs, and other parasites, if needed, to sanitize it and to get rid of its smell. If you don’t know its history, don’t take the risk. Have it reupholstered. How valuable is the furniture to you? The value of a couch or a chair may be objective (rare, antique, custom made, etc.) or objective (sentimental value, style, and design taste).  That precious chair may have been the centerpiece of your living room a few years ago, but it has shown signs of wear and tear, and is no longer as beautiful as it was when you first acquired it. A Stain That Won’t Go Away Not all stains can be removed by cleaning solutions. If the stain is so obvious that a throw pillow or a temporary cover cannot hide, and the stained furniture is an essential part of a set or a room, there is no other recourse but to have it reupholstered. Style Update Are you moving to a new home or just planning to remodel or repaint a room? That would be great! However, that favorite sofa of yours may not blend well with the new room color scheme. Then, it may be better to change the textile or the material of the furniture and have it redone in a way that would match your new interior decoration. The most important consideration before contracting a reupholstery service would be the condition of the furniture frame. It was definitely in tiptop shape when you first acquired it, but usage can wear it down. Have the contractor check for strength and sturdiness before proceeding with the repair. With these abovementioned factors considered, you will surely enjoy an extended lifespan of your well-loved or newly acquired used furniture for more years to come.

Get ready for the holidays by preparing your furnitures

   New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting events of the year – it finishes off one year, while at the same time respecting another one. Loved ones assemble to watch the celebrated around the world ball drop in NYC’s Times Square, more often than not in the solace of a friend or family member’s home. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are the one facilitating the current year’s New Year’s Eve party, you’re arranging and prepare for the occasion starts much sooner than December 31. Between sustenance, refreshments, and stylistic theme, there’s a considerable measure to anticipate! Be that as it may, it’s imperative not to disregard other critical components of your New Year’s Eve bash: your furniture. Nobody needs to welcome in another year sitting on worn out, recolored, or tired-looking furniture. Not just will repairing your furniture have in it tip-beat shape for your New Year’s Eve party, it will likewise set the tone for the entire year ahead! Furniture Repair This is the ideal opportunity to contact local furniture repair experts in NYC, and make the little repairs on your furniture that you’ve been putting off all year. Why convey the current year’s little aggravations into another year? Little home upgrades, for example, a minor couch repair to settle those unattractive scratches or strengthen any flimsy joints will have a major effect over the long haul. Dealing with little issues at the earliest opportunity keeps them from transforming into more serious issues later on. Kick 2016 off on a positive note by repairing your furniture!Reupholstery The possibility of another year and a clear slate infers expressions, for example, reestablishment, resolutions, and restoration. While many individuals think about these things with respect to their own lives, why not have any significant bearing these same suppositions to your home’s stylistic theme? An awesome approach to do this is by reupholstering your furniture. A similar couch repair experts who retouched your furniture would be happy to reupholster it too! Changing the material or example of the texture covering your furniture is an incredible approach to inhale new life into it, perhaps adding years to its life. What’s more, reupholstering larges household items, for example, you’re lounge couch, can be the way to changing the whole atmosphere of a room. What better approach to begin off another year than by invigorating your home’s inside outline?

Freshen Up Old Furniture with New Upholstery

Does your old sofa or loveseat need some updating? Has a tear, faded patch, or stain made you consider tossing out your piece in favor of a new item? New upholstery could be all that you need, and this affordable solution is a great way to freshen up old furniture. …
Natural Cotton

Most Popular Upholstery Fabric Types

Whether you are looking for a new furniture piece to add to your home or are hoping to reupholster an existing item, the fabric type that you choose can make a big difference in the appearance and durability of your item. There are a variety of fabric types to choose from, and by better understanding your options, you can choose the one that best meets the needs of you, your furniture piece, and your family. …
Custom upholstery in progress

Where to Get Custom Upholstery in Cities Like NYC

Are you in need of a custom upholstery job for your furniture? If so, you may be unsure of where to go in order to find this service. It is difficult to find a quality furniture upholstery company no matter where you live, but if you are new to the area, it can be even more challenging to find someone that you can trust to do the job right. Use the following tips to try and find custom upholstery services in your city. …