Office Furniture Restoration for Your NYC Business Space

To keep business operation costs low, instead of buying new office furniture, choose furniture restoration. Not to be a cheapskate, but sometimes, buying brand new items may be unnecessary. If your business area is small and you are just starting out, there are so many high quality used office furniture sold in used furniture shops. Some just need deep cleaning and some will need restoration and repair procedures.Most office furniture encounter a daily dose of abuse from its users. These items are made to be durable for this particular reason. There are several common areas or parts that are damaged with constant use. Scratched furniture frames and damaged upholstery do not look good at all. Having these in your office will harm your business image to both customers and employees. You should keep office furniture in good condition. The cost is a common set back in renovating office spaces. Good thing for business owners, furniture restoration is an excellent option. Here are the more common conditions that will need office furniture restoration procedures from experts: Ink Spills and Ink Marks This is unavoidable in an office setting and is a total eyesore. Experts recommend revarnishing, repainting, or reupholster. Scratches and Dents Even with great care in using office furniture, scratches are common. Cabinets can suffer from dents caused by heavy impact. Drink Spills and Food Spills Visible on tables particularly on personal desks and pantry areas, spills usually happen when you bring drinks to work or offer drinks to guests. Torn, Faded, and Cracked Upholstery Visible from a few feet away, damaged upholstery need immediate attention. Damaged Wheels Furniture wheels and ball casters fail with constant use. These are easily replaced with the right size and material similar to the original set. Damaged Furniture Frames Integrity and stability is very important in any type of furniture. Check for any signs of damage on the frames and have these repaired as soon as possible. In the case of restoration option for office furniture frames, ask help from a professional. Once you have decided to have your office furniture restored, schedule it on a weekend or during days with the least amount of activity in the office. Another option is to ask the furniture specialists to move out the items needing restoration to a workshop. Choose a furniture company in NYC  that can provide these services. When office furniture restoration is complete, your business spaces will look like new again. Consider cleaning the carpets as well as other annual general cleaning tasks while the furniture items are out.With fresh, fully functional, and comfortable workspaces that please the eyes, you also help increase employee output. Well-designed spaces bring in more positive vibes to your business; however, new office furniture is expensive especially in NYC. You do not need to splurge to have an aesthetically pleasing office. Create a professional and lasting impression on your clients, guests, and employees. From lobbies, to business rooms, personal office spaces, DrSofa can help restore your old furniture. They offer a wide range of services to furniture and upholstery, including moving, disassembly and many more.

How to Find an Upholstery Repair Service in New York City

Upholstery repair can be one of the most practical things you can do to save a well-loved upholstered furniture. If you own a valuable piece of furniture, have it immediately repaired before the damage worsens. Sometimes, when left unattended for a very long time, upholstery gets brittle and undesirable to use. The challenge is finding the right upholstery service.Sure, when you check the Yellow Pages or local advertisements, there are many upholsterers in the area. How can you determine which one to choose? Here are some pointers on what to do: Inspect the damages. You should know the damage that needs repair because this is where the upholsterer will base the repair service cost. There are specific artisans who specialize in specific furniture services such as reupholstery, antique furniture, custom furniture, and other services. Check the warranty. If you recently purchased the item as brand new from a furniture shop, chances are it is still under warranty. Read the warranty papers if your furniture is still valid for service or if the warranty is void. If you decide to hire an upholsterer outside of the dealer’s company, know the extent of your responsibility. Perhaps it may be worth it. Find reviews and referrals on upholstery services. Today, it is very easy to search for reviews of any type of service. This is very important before entrusting your valuable upholstered furniture. Does the upholstery repair service have recommendations from reputable papers such as the New York Times or other local publications? Does it have honest user reviews on forums and online networks? Do your homework and check how visible the management of the upholstery service is. Ask about the procedure and equipment used. Professional upholstery services use industrial grade equipment for perform tasks efficiently. If you require cleaning of upholstery or carpets, you will want a service provider who is well-equipped with the right machines needed for the job. For furniture moving services, check out their trucks and as how they will go about handling your furniture.Check their reputation as an upholstery service provider in New York. Learn about how long they have been operating their business. Ask around to know their reputation in terms of quality of work and customer service. Customers will always have something to say, both good and bad. Weigh the results of testimonies between satisfied and unsatisfied customers. With more satisfied customers, suggests that you are choosing the right company to work on your furniture. After doing your homework, you are ready to start interviewing the upholstery repair services in your area. If you ask the right questions, experts will give you the proper answers you need for deciding on who to hire for the repair project. During the job you can take note of their other services that you may need for the future. Be specific with your needs and communicate your expectations so they know how they can accommodate your demands.  If all goes well, this will be a long-term professional relationship with the right upholsterer.  

Signs That Tell You Furniture Repair is Badly Needed

How do you know if your favorite upholstery due for furniture repair? One sure way to find out is if it  looks a lot less attractive or functional than when it when it was first acquired, it only means it needs to get a new look. But that’s not all. There are other factors that tell you that your upholstery needs attention. Flood-Damaged FurnitureFloods bring in all sorts of dirt, germs, and elements you have no control of. Wooded furniture can be washed and dried under the sun for a few days, but the cushions need extra help. Upholstery submerged in floods can cause molds and mildew buildup apart from the stains on the fabric. Call a professional to assess the flood-damaged furniture if it is still salvageable and to know the extent to repair needed. Sagging SeatsUsing the same spot repeatedly over the years naturally causes sagging. Sometimes, low quality foam reveals its substandard characteristics after just a few months of use.  Unfortunately, this is hard to determine upon buying a chair with a lesser-known brand. The solution is to contact a reputable upholstery repair company to ensure that every material used is top quality and the craftsmanship unremarkable. Chewed on by a Pet or a PestPets are adorable until they bite or chew on your furniture. You are lucky if it is just a scratch that would be removed by a spot revarnishing and waxing. Sometimes, cats can turn your couch into a scratching post and your chair legs a chewing material. Accidents like these definitely calls for a furniture repair service. Torn or Damaged UpholsteryThere comes a point when upholstery fabric is too torn and leather upholstery is too cracked to look decent for human use. Fabrics deteriorate and tear due to overuse through time. Leather, if not taken cared of with conditioners regularly, will eventually crack. Call a leather upholstery professional to take care of this problem. Springs Poking Out With sagging, the damage sign that often follows is jutting out of metal springs. This can also happen to badly-made upholstery or those items that were produced with cost-cutting procedures. Before any other accidents happen, call the furniture repair service. Conclusion You couldn’t really tell how long a furniture will last especially if it is a hand-me-down or made by an unknown manufacturer. You won’t be able to know the real quality of the upholstery or furniture until you remove all the covers and expose the filling, frame, and springs or until your furniture shows signs of its need for furniture repair. To make your furniture last longer, you will need to work with expert furniture doctors. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. Sometimes, you are unsure if your furniture really needs repair. If you just want to create a totally different impact on your home interior decor, have your furniture repaired as needed. Do this when you call for furniture repair professionals to inspect your home at least once a year to check for signs of damage.
Dr. Sofa can make fading leather look as good as new

Fading Leather Sofa Color: Repair or Replace?

Although leather furniture is quite durable, we generally put it through a lot in our homes. Years of sitting in the exact same place can cause fading, and pets and children can be especially hard on our pieces. However, leather furniture is expensive, so it might not always be an option to run out and buy a new piece when your old couch is starting to look run-down. Fortunately, there are a variety of great services available to help to repair a fading leather sofa, and the end product will be a sofa that looks and feels just like new that you’ll be proud to show off. …
Leather furniture in need of professional repair

Best Way to Save With Leather Furniture Repair

A leather sofa is an attractive addition to any living room, and because these pieces of furniture tend to be rather expensive, homeowners generally take precautions to try and protect them. Unfortunately, leather surfaces are highly vulnerable to scratches, cuts, and tears, and even the most diligent of homeowners can find that their prized sofa has been damaged. These problems can severely alter the appearance of your leather sofa, but there are ways that you can save with leather furniture repair rather than going out to buy a new one. …
Some DIY leather repair kits are not much better than a roll of duct tape

Why Not to Use a Leather Sofa Repair Kit

A leather sofa is a major investment, but despite the high price of this item, many people turn to cheap DIY leather repair kits when they experience damage. Unfortunately, relying on these inexpensive kits can actually damage your beautiful leather furniture, especially when the job is done by an amateur with no leather repair experience. Don’t take that chance. By better understanding some of the risks associated with a leather sofa repair kit, you can make an informed decision to find an experienced professional, ensuring that your job is done well. …
Fabric UV Protection

The Importance of Fabric UV Protection

If you have had your furniture for any length of time you may have noticed it beginning to fade, especially any pieces that are exposed to sunlight for a significant portion of the day.  Protecting your furniture from ultra violet (“UV”) light is essential if you want to keep it looking good and in good condition.  …
Leather Repainting Process

Recolor That Old Leather Couch

If your leather couch has seen better days and you are considering throwing it out take a moment and consider your options first.  Rather than spending all the time going to furniture stores and poring over endless selections online to try to find the style of couch that fits you, why not try to recolor your leather and keep the couch you already know works?  Because recoloring the leather costs less than purchasing an entire new couch this can be a money saving option as well. …
Antique and collectible chairs and furniture can be made to look as good as new.

Reupholster Grandma’s Old Furniture, And Watch It Shine like New

If you have the duty to dispose of an elderly relative’s furniture, or if your grandmother gave you her favorite chair (that has seen better days), the temptation is to just throw the furniture out. But don’t. Often, an old or damaged piece of furniture can be transformed with a simple cleaning and repair. And a reupholstery job can sometimes be nothing short of magic. A Shaker chair with a missing slat can be easily fixed, and the piece would fit seamlessly into Early American, retro, country, western and even modern decors. A moth-eaten Victorian couch can come back as Boho chic with a bold floral pattern upholstery. Repairing and reupholstering a piece often costs less than buying a brand new piece. Antique furniture is almost always more interesting than mass produced alternatives — and the antique might even turn out to be valuable! …
This furniture might be too old for a DIY fix

When to Junk Furniture & When to do Furniture Repair

When your furniture becomes damaged, the temptation is to either try to fix it yourself, or to throw your hands up in despair and assume the piece is beyond repair. Sometimes those responses can be correct, but it’s critical to know when you can fix it yourself, and when it’s just too far gone for home remedies. Home furniture repair can be effective if the damage is slight, but if you attempt to make a big fix at home, you can ruin a valuable piece.  Here are some tips to help you determine which furniture disasters are DIY fixes, and which need professional help. …