What Furniture to Disassemble When Moving

You may need to disassemble your furniture when moving your furniture to another location. As you plan to move to another home or office, one factor to think about is how you can pack your large furniture items. Moving companies may know how to pack your items, but you will need an expert to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, particularly if these are heirloom furniture of great value. They will assess your large furniture and will take apart the necessary items to help lessen damage risks during moving. To give you an idea, these common items may need disassembly: Wall Panels/ Hanging Cabinets Wall units such as hanging cabinets, wall panels, and hanging shelves will most likely be disassembled for moving.  Disassembly is a complicated process for wall units due to screws and other fasteners hidden from plain sight.  It requires professional tools and experienced hands to do this properly.Unlike stand along bookshelves and wood shelf units, upholstered wall panels require a different set of tools and skills to dismantle. For this kind of task, you will need to call the upholsterer who built the panel or an expert upholstery company that can send their crew to your location. Tables Movers may need to disassemble tables during a major relocation to make it easier for packing in a container truck. Disassembling a huge table will also make it easier to fit into a door, a narrow hallway, or in a service elevator. Although this may seem to be a much easier task than the disassembly of wall panels, it would be better to entrust the task to the professionals. You will want to avoid accidents and damages to the furniture. Dressers and Vanity Tables Vanity tables and dressers usually come with mirrors. Disassembly and reassembly of these types of furniture can be risky if done by inexperienced hands. Some furniture legs are too complex and would require a special kind of wrapping technique as do mirrors of dressers. Armoires and Other Heirloom Furniture Probably you have those large antique armoires of theatrical proportions and you need to pack them up for moving. Those chairs, as well as other heirloom furniture masterpieces can be disassembled as well. This task is not for the fainthearted nor for the inexperienced. Removing an arm or/and the legs can lessen the risk of damage during transport.  This may also be necessary so the furniture pieces will fit the doorway. Large Sectional Sofas In some cases, disassembly is the only option to get a sectional sofa through the door, onto the moving van, and into the new home. At this point, you can also decide if you wish to have it remodeled into a new sofa to perfectly fit the new room. The professional furniture movers and artisans can do that for you.These and some other furniture can be or should be disassembled prior to moving. Ask for the recommendation of the furniture doctors. The cost of moving, disassembly and reassembly of furniture vary greatly depending on various factors. Your goal is to preserve your valuable furniture throughout the whole moving and relocation ordeal. In the end, calling professionals to do the job is still more economical than the costly mistake that may result in damages to large furniture pieces.

What to Do When a Couch is Too Big to Fit In?

One of the problems of residents living in small spaces face is when their couch is too big to fit in. This has always been a issue not only among homeowners but it is also a problem encountered by interior design contractors, and of course, by movers as well. A situation like this is not a problem without a solution. Having a small apartment or a small room does not mean you cannot have an oversized couch. Hey, it’s your long-term cozy comfort at stake. You want a huge couch? Go ahead. But what about your other furniture? When having one large furniture, you may have to forgo maintaining the others. There are two facets to this problem. First is the issue of the couch being too big to fit through the door. Second is the issue of wanting an oversize couch in a room that’s too small to contain several furniture but still, you want to keep it. You don’t have to give up your favorite sofa. Here are solutions: Sofa Too Big to Fit Through the Door If you know you are moving to a place where you think your couch is too big to fit into the doorway, you can plan ahead. Your best solution is to have it disassembled. Look for a furniture disassembly & reassembly service near you. With this solution, home movers will not have a hard time figuring out what to do with your oversize couch. Hiring professionals to do the job will allow you to have a peace of mind, knowing  that soon enough, your favorite sofa will be with you in your new room without any damage or stress. A Sofa Too Big to Fit a Room When you want a really big sofa in your living room or studio but you only have space for one large furniture, there’s a simple solution. Have a double duty furniture. You can have a customized couch that can double as a storage compartment. Contemplate on the furniture you can do away with and see if this can be integrated into your sofa design. The professional upholsterer will give the best recommendations on this project. You can also have your sofa deconstructed and redesigned into sectionals if it is really huge. Here is an example of a sectional couch that needs to fit in a small room.  After some tweaks by the furniture doctor, it was transformed into a three-seater sofa. Whatever was left was made into an armless chair.  So you see, if it fits, it sits. If you really want your sofa,  there is always a solution. Having a furniture disassembled for moving or having it redesigned is far more economical than throwing an oversize sofa an buying a new one. Even if it is an old one, you can still keep it. You will also do the environment a favor by lessening the trash if you opt to bring your still functional sofa with you and just have it reupholstered instead.

Why Do I Need To Call Furniture Disassembly and Assembly Service?

So you may have heard of the furniture disassembly and assembly service perhaps from a colleague or from someone who recently moved. What is this service exactly and why should you need it?  There are several reasons for doing so; and if you own a sofa or an oversized furniture, read up. You may need this information soon. Moving or Relocating to Another PlaceWhen you plan to move to another home or even to another room or office, you will need an extra hand to help you with your furniture sets. One of the main concerns is that an oversized furniture may not fit through the door or the hallway.  Would you be the one to take apart these beds and couches?  This definitely calls for professionals to do the disassembly job to save you time and energy. There are other tasks at hand that need you attention more. Buying a New Large Furniture So, you’ve seen a lovely but gigantic couch at a showroom. You know you want it. No, you NEED it to be in your room because it is the perfect style you’ve wanted all along.  Not only that. It is on sale! BUT… how in the world will it fit through the narrow hallway, staircase, or door? This should not be a problem because the solution is available – furniture disassembly and assembly VIDEO. You just have to call someone who knows how to do the job well. They will perform the disassembly, deliver the couch to your place, and assemble the furniture just as you have seen it in the showroom. Selling Your Oversized Furniture When you need to sell your used furniture or sofa for whatever reason, it needs to get through your door, down the hall, and to the buyer. No need to wait too long to decide. Worst case, the potential buyer backs out if this issue could not be solved at once. You will want the buyer to receive your item in the best condition possible. Disassembly and assembly of furniture can be expertly done. Call the upholstery service near you, or if you are in New York, Dr.Sofa is your best choice.What types of furniture can be disassembled? Practically, all types of furniture can benefit from disassembly / assembly service. If the furniture piece was made through the process of carpentry and upholstery work, it was assembled and can be taken apart if needed. These include the following:Sofa / couch Wing chair Oversized chairs Large arm chairs Headboards Bar counters Custom sofa Sofa bedsThere are other types of furniture that can use this service. It would be best to talk to the professionals about it. This way, they can provide the recommendation needed as well as give information regarding the process to be done. Get a quotation based on the location and extent of the job needed. If you have other pressing concerns, this is the time to ask them before moving the sets. To have peace of mind, only trust the experts to handle the job.

Help! The Couch is Too Big to Fit in the New Room

One major dilemma faced by big couch owners, particularly when moving furniture to a new home, is having a couch that’s too big to fit through the doorway, a narrow staircase, or a hallway. Sometimes, the sofa is too large for a small room. No matter what angle you carry the furniture or however way you push it, it just wouldn’t work! This is a common problem faced by those relocating from a large house to a smaller apartment of condominium unit in the city. You are ready to move in but you also realized that favorite couch won’t fit. Perhaps you fell in love with sofa you saw at a sale or an auction, but you know that it is too big for the room or too large to pass through hallway. Do not worry. There are several solutions for this. Find another entry way Try finding a window large enough as an entry point. This may require the special equipment such as a truck and a crane to hoist it through the balcony or a large window. If your room is at a floor several stories high, you may rethink and opt for another solution. If you have tried all the alternative entry points and nothing works, you definitely need to call the professionals; otherwise, your furniture may suffer a costly damage. Remove door hinges If you only need a few inches of leeway for your incoming furniture, perhaps you may just need to remove the door from its hinges. You may need extra help with this task, especially if your door is made of heavy wood or material. Couch Disassembly and Reassembly Furniture disassembly and reassembly is the most practical solution for accommodating oversized couches.  This is done to both residential and commercial establishments. Many find it more practical than buying brand new furniture. Seek professionals who can provide onsite service to preserve the integrity of your furniture. This service also applies beds, headboards, armoires, love seats, pool tables, and just about any oversized furniture you can think of. Ideally, prior to finally moving to another room or place, you should measure the furniture to be moved. Also consider the entry points as well as the room that will contain the set or piece of furniture. To prevent unnecessary inconvenience, call the experts for recommendations. They will be the ones to professionally disassemble your furniture, move them to the new destination, and assemble it to fit the new room. If necessary, a large couch can also be remodeled into smaller pieces of furniture. In relation to this service, it will also save you a lot of time if you can have one company that can do the sofa disassembly, assembly, furniture moving. Trust only experts to do this job. A professional upholstery company will also recommend if an old or used furniture is still durable enough for cutting or remodeling. If not, then perhaps it would be best to have a custom-made furniture instead.

furniture’s delivered for the holidays which cannot fit in ?

Holidays are around the corner , you all excited to have your new furniture’s to be delivered . You are seating patiently waiting , and here it come , after long waiting , your running down the stairs to delivery  guys and OPPPSSS , they look at you and don’t know how to tell you , Mam , your furniture’s don’t fit ? you are crying , ask them what can we do about it ? No worries , the Dr. here ! Have you wondered how to measure your sofa before the big move? Before you buy a new sofa you’ll need to be sure the sofa is not too big to fit in your home. Included in this, you’ll need to take it through the tight stairwells and the passage way to the apartment so you can put the sofa into the chosen room. We come to your rescue and provide a variety of furniture repairs, pool table disassembly, and chaise lounge knock downs. Our procedures and products are of high quality to ensure that our furniture and upholstery repairs are permanent; we can return the appearance of your furniture to excellent condition. Our Trained excellent service technicians. Our trained technicians are competent and equipped to handle entertainment unit dismantling, dresser and bookshelf take apart.  Each of our technicians has the supplies needed to provide instant on-site and in-home wood repair touch ups. We provide emergency services around the clock  for  disassembly assembly reassembly, take apart, knock down, break down, dismantling, assembling and disassembling. We at Dr. Sofa can service your furniture needs. Our service is one that will be memorable including cut-rate, snappy service and professionalism. Covering the 5 boroughs, NJ, CT, Boston and DC, we offer the best prices and guarantee our work. Dr. Sofa offers same day, twenty-four hour, emergency service for take apart for: sofa, sofa bed, sleeper, couch, loveseat, chairs, ottoman, sectional, chaise, Murphy bed, daybed, wall unit, entertainment centers, armoire, beds, and office furniture. furniture disassembly emergency service
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