Couches and Design Hacks for Your Small NYC Condo Unit

Living in a small NYC condo unit poses a design challenge. We all love to have a cozy living room. The small area provided will extend your creative juices for decorating. You know what? You can still make you room appear larger than it is, and cozier, too. To inspire you, we have collected effective solutions for furnishing a small space. …
outdoor sectional sofa

Custom Furniture and Remodeling for Outdoor Spaces NYC Style

As the season changes, this also calls for a nice set up of your outdoor space. Why not go for custom furniture that matches your style, personality, and lifestyle? An excellent combination of furniture and other design elements can still create a unified look. The right shape, upholstery fabric, and furniture frames will beckon you and your guests to lounge in that inviting space you have created. It may sound daunting at first that you may be tempted to just go with ready-made pieces. Going that route does not provide the same satisfaction as carefully giving thought to piece. We have collected some great ideas you can use to help you set up a cozy outdoor space. Cushioned IronIf you have wrought iron chairs used for garden sets, those are perfect outdoor furniture. Dressed up with new cushions upholstered in outdoor fabric, these sets add an indoor type of comfort to the patio area. Beach Scene in Your BackyardIt doesn’t matter if you are living near the beach in the middle  of New York City. You can set up a beach vibe on an outdoor sitting area that evokes the same summer beach atmosphere. You may even add sand to the floor for a more realistic feel. Revive Wooden Furniture With New CushionsIf you have sturdy chairs with wooden frames, all you need to do is to have a custom upholstery cushions fitted perfectly on each one. Change the fabric as needed to match your style and the changing seasons. Use an Area Rug Transform an outdoor area into a cozier space with the addition of an area rug. It does an amazing job of pulling together all elements into an atmosphere that invites a lot of conversations. Accentuate the Area with Rich TextilesRich textiles that cover upholstery can also look great outdoors. Why hide a boldly colored couch indoors when you can also enjoy the same luxurious feel on your porch or patio? Bring them out if you feel like it. Sofas are Cool Outdoors, TooWho says that only wicker, wood, metal, and bean bags are the only popular outdoor furniture? Sofas and love seats are just as great. They can look bulky but they invite dreamy naps and the size is no longer an issue. You can have them customized according to the shape of the area. Whether you live by the beach or in an apartment in Hampton or New Jersey, you can get that same summery outdoor vibe with a perfect selection of custom outdoor furniture. Outdoor custom upholstery looks chic all the time, and of course, it speaks  a lot about comfort. Cushions always invite relaxation and longer unhurried conversations. Have a lot of chairs but also remember to place tables for dining and snacks. Perhaps a footrest or two will also come in handy when you just need to put your feet up after a long day while enjoying a delightful cocktail outdoors. With custom furniture, the possibilities are endless. Contact only the best upholstery service near you for project estimates. For those within N.Y. NJ ,DC, Boston, LA, Chicago, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and surrounding areas, you have DrSofa at your service.

What to Do When a Couch is Too Big to Fit In Your New Jersey Home?

One of the problems of residents living in small spaces face is when their couch is too big to fit in. This has always been a issue not only among homeowners but it is also a problem encountered by interior design contractors, and of course, by movers as well. A situation like this is not a problem without a solution. Having a small apartment or a small room in New Jersey does not mean you cannot have an oversized couch. Hey, it’s your long-term cozy comfort at stake. You want a huge couch? Go ahead. But what about your other furniture? When having one large furniture, you may have to forgo maintaining the others. There are two facets to this problem. First is the issue of the couch being too big to fit through the door. Second is the issue of wanting an oversize couch in a room that’s too small to contain several furniture but still, you want to keep it. You don’t have to give up your favorite sofa. Here are solutions: Sofa Too Big to Fit Through the Door If you know you are moving to a place where you think your couch is too big to fit into the doorway, you can plan ahead. Your best solution is to have it disassembled. Look for a furniture disassembly & reassembly service near you. With this solution, home movers will not have a hard time figuring out what to do with your oversize couch. Hiring professionals to do the job will allow you to have a peace of mind, knowing  that soon enough, your favorite sofa will be with you in your new room without any damage or stress. A Sofa Too Big to Fit a Room When you want a really big sofa in your living room or studio but you only have space for one large furniture, there’s a simple solution. Have a double duty furniture. You can have a customized couch that can double as a storage compartment. Contemplate on the furniture you can do away with and see if this can be integrated into your sofa design. The professional upholsterer will give the best recommendations on this project. You can also have your sofa deconstructed and redesigned into sectionals if it is really huge. Here is an example of a sectional couch that needs to fit in a small room.  After some tweaks by the furniture doctor, it was transformed into a three-seater sofa. Whatever was left was made into an armless chair.  So you see, if it fits, it sits. If you really want your sofa,  there is always a solution. Having a furniture disassembled for moving or having it redesigned is far more economical than throwing an oversize sofa an buying a new one. Even if it is an old one, you can still keep it. You will also do the environment a favor by lessening the trash if you opt to bring your still functional sofa with you and just have it reupholstered instead.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having a Custom Sofa in Your NYC Apartment

While planning your home interiors, you may have thought about choosing between ready-made and a custom sofa. Come to think of it. Your couch will be your daily source of comfort and go-to rest area from a tiring day. If you are to spend on one major furniture, why not consider having a custom made sofa? Here are considerations to think about: It is Made to Fit Perfectly No matter what the shape your room is, you can always fit in a custom-made sofa to suit your lounging and aesthetic needs. There are dozens of couch designs and sizes in a furniture showroom; however, none may satisfy that x-factor you are looking for. If this is the case, call a dependable upholstery shop to fabricate that perfectly shaped sofa with specifications for your intended room. Comfort knows no compromise. It Reflects Your Personality When it comes to decorating your home, you are the boss. You can choose the elements, color, fabric, and unique characteristics that exude your personality. Come to think of it. Your style is individual. What better way is there to display it than to have a cozy custom sofa that matches your own aura? You don’t have to be limited to the available options in the furniture showroom. The stocks and displays may be extensive. It doesn’t matter. Style is a priority, it is not you who should adjust to the furniture. Unique Design Inspired by a certain color or style of an artwork you have seen somewhere? Probably, you have a design in your head that you have wanted to see materialized. You can bring that inspiration inside your home. The same is true if you wish to recreate an exotic sofa design that you have seen in a land far away or from an ancestral home. The design may not be available from your local sofa dealers, but professional upholstery makers can definitely make that idea a reality through furniture redesign and fabrication services in New York City. Professionally Made Custom Sofas are High-quality Many discriminating clients and upholstered furniture enthusiasts turn to custom-made furniture.The main reason goes beyond the uniqueness of designs. They seek the higher level of artisanship shown through the quality found only in custom upholstered furniture. If you intend to have your furniture serve you for many years, choose to go custom, where you can choose the best wood, materials, upholstery textile, and of course the best upholstery service around. Can Serve Multiple Functions With the rising popularity of tiny houses and small-space living, the next need comes in the form of multipurpose furniture. A custom sofa can transform and function as a bed and a storage compartment. This innovative move in interior design is achieved only through customization. Now that you have seen the potentials of custom made furniture, hence, you can now start your hunt for the best design ideas. You should now contact a professional upholsterer to seek expert advice. Finally, have them visit your place for an on-site consultation as well as to do the necessary measurements.
What will 2016 bring for you?

Furniture Design Ideas for 2016: The Year of the Monkey

The New Year is coming up, and 2016 brings with it new hopes, aspirations and developments. The first week of February will mark the beginning of the Year of the Monkey. It’s a time when we can think about our primate cousins swinging from tree to tree up in the canopy. Although we’re lucky enough to have roofs over our heads, unlike monkeys, we often have space considerations, especially in urban dwellings. …
The furniture surgeon can resize your existing furniture to fit into small spaces

Small Sofas in the Big City: NYC

Apartments in New York City aren’t often known for being large and spacious, and for this reason, there is a growing small sofa trend in the city. While there are plenty of ways that you can find a small sofa to fit into your space, many people are also choosing to customize their existing, large couches to make them workable.  …
Custom Ottoman Design

Custom Made Ottomans vs Department Store Furniture

Since at least 1789 when Thomas Jefferson purchased one, ottomans have enjoyed a place of popularity in American homes.  Before that the Europeans found them useful as did the denizens of the Ottoman Empire after which they were named.  Coming in a variety of sizes and even varying shapes they serve multiple purposes and may even be hollow for the purpose of providing storage space.  …
Leather Repainting Process

Recolor That Old Leather Couch

If your leather couch has seen better days and you are considering throwing it out take a moment and consider your options first.  Rather than spending all the time going to furniture stores and poring over endless selections online to try to find the style of couch that fits you, why not try to recolor your leather and keep the couch you already know works?  Because recoloring the leather costs less than purchasing an entire new couch this can be a money saving option as well. …
Country Living in the Big City

Furniture Redesign Ideas for Country Living

If you long for the countryside but you live in a big city it is sometimes easy to feel hemmed in by your situation.  Endless miles of freeway, crowded sidewalks, the constant drone of traffic, the wail of sirens, and even the scent of the big city can be stifling to someone who longs for a simple life in the country. …
Be sure to select the right appliances for your small living space.

Custom Made Furniture Ideas for Tiny Living

You’ve probably seen them on social media, the Internet, or on TV shows like “Tiny House Nation” – small, fabulous homes that are mean, green and energy efficient. Tiny homes are touted as being affordable, earth-friendly, and some are even off the grid. If you don’t have a down payment for a condo or a suburban house, you may well be able to swing a more affordable tiny home. If you need to live in town, but can only afford a studio apartment, you fall in this “tiny living” category as well. Tiny living spurs new entrepreneurs in many areas: some companies make elegant homes out of railroad cars, others manufacture small, modular homes, and others produce furniture custom made for small apartments and tiny houses. …