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Multipurpose Custom Furniture Ideas for Your New Jersey Apartment

Living in a small space poses a challenge, but with custom furniture, comfort can be achieved. Multipurpose furniture is a great lifesaver in many situations, especially when dealing with space issues. Mix in a few multipurpose pieces into your room interiors. Do it with careful planning and furniture customization if necessary.  Assess your needs and the kind of functionality you will need for your room. Explore these multipurpose custom furniture possibilities. …

Custom Outdoor Furniture Ready for an NYC Rooftop Pool Party

As the sun’s rays go into high-beam this summer, it is time to prepare your custom outdoor furniture for those fun pool parties. It doesn’t matter if you live in the suburbs, in the countryside, or in the middle of a busy city, pool parties are always fun. You have to ensure that your pool side areas are equipped with the right kind of outdoor furniture specifically designed for pools and resorts. …

Finding Your Dream Sofa Maker in NYC

When you want to relax and lounge in style every single day, you have a dream sofa in mind. With discriminating tastes for comfort comes the challenge of finding that perfect seat. Sometimes, the available furniture styles offered at showrooms do not satisfy you. Solve this dilemma by having custom furniture. Why should you opt for one? A sofa is one of the major focal points in your living room, family room, or lounge.  It is worthy of a meticulous process of selection since it is a very important investment for your home or business space.When you have decided on getting a custom sofa, the next move is to find your dream sofa maker. Finding a good one in NYC is similar to searching for an expert in any important profession. Here are some important pointers: Years in the trade – This is not aimed to discredit the new players in the custom upholstery field. Upholsterers who maintain their business for years have a good reason why they are still up and running. The years in service of an upholsterer is one important factor you need to consider. Their work speaks for themselves – There is a big difference between the work of an amateur and the work of a professional. The finished products will show you how a sofa was meticulously made through the finer details of its parts. Customer feedback – Happy and satisfied customers will speak well of the output of the custom upholstery service. They will be glad to recommend the one who provided them with excellent finished product as well as great customer service. Recommendations – If you are new to the city, check out offices, churches, clinics, hotels, and other establishments. Often, these ones use custom upholstery. They also concerned about the image they project. Hence, they see to it that they only hire quality upholstery service for their furniture. Ask for recommendations, and you will surely get leads to the best service there is. Website – A business that maintains a decent website shows that the management cares about the company’s  public reputation. Online visibility is a double-edged sword. It provides an excellent showcase for their products and services. It also exposes them to public feedback whether good or bad. A good custom upholsterer can bravely show to the world the excellent quality of their products and service through a website. Communicate Your Expectations Well As you find the right custom upholstery maker, be clear with your expectations because it is on these factors that the craftsman will base the quality of output. Ask for a written job order including the details of the project. Proper communication during the initial meetings will also reveal how well-matched you are as a client with the upholsterer. The search for a good sofa maker may be challenging and even exhausting sometimes. In the end, you will appreciate that all your efforts will be rewarded once you find the best one. After doing your research, you will eventually find your dream sofa maker in NYC.

Custom Furniture Inspirations from Celebrity Homes

The most beautiful and stylish homes come with custom furniture to match the homeowners design and comfort needs. If you have been wondering what upholstery, couches, and home interiors the famous people love to use, we’ve compiled this list for you. Get inspired by the custom furniture used by celebrities in their homes. Lenny Kravitz via This bedroom in a motif of green and silver mixes natural and futuristic feel. It blends natural elements like leather, seen on the lone chair in one corner, and synthetic fabric on the silver wall upholstery.   Jane Fonda Via architectural digest The living room in Jane Fonda’s ranch in New Mexico evokes a cozy old-world charm.  Upholstery fabric in neutral hues of the custom furniture blend well with the natural color of wood and bricks.   Kris Jenner via The office of Kris Jenner speaks of her uniqueness and attention to detail as well as color. The love for patterns is reflected throughout the home. Her office reflects her personality the most.   Tom Cruise via This living room is designed by Atelier AM for Tom Cruise’s Aspen, Colorado home. The play of colors and lighting creates a huge impact to the mood of the onlooker. That stylish couch surely looks very inviting.   Sean ‘Diddy‘ Combs via Diddy’s apartment in New York sits on the 66th floor. This piano room offers bold style with muted lighter tones accented by black custom upholstery and curtains. Undisturbed by other hues, this is a perfect space for gathering inspiration as well as for entertaining.   Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen via Wouldn’t you just love to lounge on those soft upholstered chairs after a tiring day? This is the living room of Tom Brady and Gisell Bundchen in their One Madison three-bedroom condo.   Anna Wintour via Clean, elegant, and comfort rules the design by Carrier and Co. Interiors for Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour’s home in Long Island New York. The uniform minimal details on the large upholstered couches blend with the lines of the room keeping everything as seriously classy as the homeowner herself.   Taylor Swift via Taylor Swift’s penthouse home in Franklin Street evokes an atmosphere that invites a lot conversations. With the number of large and comfy couches in this room, we can say there’s always a seat for everyone joining the party. Celebrity styles are defined not only in the workplace, but also in the living spaces. They remain icons in many ways, even in their designer homes. We can take cues from their choice of furniture to their selection of upholstery to inspire our own living spaces. Want to copy the styles of celebrities? That would not be a problem with professional furniture craftsmen and custom upholsterers.  Yes, you can turn your living room, bedroom, or any room of your house into a magazine-worthy image with the right upholstery fabric, rug, or wall panel. If they have done it, so can you, in your own stylish version of a celebrity home.
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Custom Furniture and Remodeling for Outdoor Spaces NYC Style

As the season changes, this also calls for a nice set up of your outdoor space. Why not go for custom furniture that matches your style, personality, and lifestyle? An excellent combination of furniture and other design elements can still create a unified look. The right shape, upholstery fabric, and furniture frames will beckon you and your guests to lounge in that inviting space you have created. It may sound daunting at first that you may be tempted to just go with ready-made pieces. Going that route does not provide the same satisfaction as carefully giving thought to piece. We have collected some great ideas you can use to help you set up a cozy outdoor space. Cushioned IronIf you have wrought iron chairs used for garden sets, those are perfect outdoor furniture. Dressed up with new cushions upholstered in outdoor fabric, these sets add an indoor type of comfort to the patio area. Beach Scene in Your BackyardIt doesn’t matter if you are living near the beach in the middle  of New York City. You can set up a beach vibe on an outdoor sitting area that evokes the same summer beach atmosphere. You may even add sand to the floor for a more realistic feel. Revive Wooden Furniture With New CushionsIf you have sturdy chairs with wooden frames, all you need to do is to have a custom upholstery cushions fitted perfectly on each one. Change the fabric as needed to match your style and the changing seasons. Use an Area Rug Transform an outdoor area into a cozier space with the addition of an area rug. It does an amazing job of pulling together all elements into an atmosphere that invites a lot of conversations. Accentuate the Area with Rich TextilesRich textiles that cover upholstery can also look great outdoors. Why hide a boldly colored couch indoors when you can also enjoy the same luxurious feel on your porch or patio? Bring them out if you feel like it. Sofas are Cool Outdoors, TooWho says that only wicker, wood, metal, and bean bags are the only popular outdoor furniture? Sofas and love seats are just as great. They can look bulky but they invite dreamy naps and the size is no longer an issue. You can have them customized according to the shape of the area. Whether you live by the beach or in an apartment in Hampton or New Jersey, you can get that same summery outdoor vibe with a perfect selection of custom outdoor furniture. Outdoor custom upholstery looks chic all the time, and of course, it speaks  a lot about comfort. Cushions always invite relaxation and longer unhurried conversations. Have a lot of chairs but also remember to place tables for dining and snacks. Perhaps a footrest or two will also come in handy when you just need to put your feet up after a long day while enjoying a delightful cocktail outdoors. With custom furniture, the possibilities are endless. Contact only the best upholstery service near you for project estimates. For those within N.Y. NJ ,DC, Boston, LA, Chicago, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and surrounding areas, you have DrSofa at your service.
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Transforming Your New York Home with Custom Upholstered Furniture

Perhaps you now have an idea of the type of upholstered furniture you want for your room – or maybe not. The grueling task to finding the perfect piece of upholstered furniture is often based on the size of a room. Your desire to have a cozy sofa or a large headboard may be dampened by realizing that the area you have is too small to accommodate the upholstered item. Yes, room size is a factor, but that’s not the only reason for choosing custom upholstered furniture.  There are other reasons why custom upholstery is your best option. Uniqueness Sofas can come in many sizes and shapes, but sometimes, the designs in the showroom just does not satisfy you. You may have acquired a used furniture set from a sale event which looks like several other sofas in the neighborhood. The solution is having it customized to look more unique by just changing the fabric color and design. A change of upholstery fabric can make an otherwise boring-looking couch into an elegant one. You can also add custom details to make a statement. Match Upholstery for its Function An upholstery cover serves to protect the cushion as well as to blend with the interiors. Beyond aesthetics, furniture should offer durability that can match your lifestyle needs. Having an active household will demand an appropriate type of upholstery material without sacrificing design. With custom furniture, you can get the style you want and you and choose the specific upholstery fabric that can stand up to the demands of your lifestyle and living space. Walls to protect you in style Upholstered walls are one of the most stylish interior design elements in a home. In addition to the signature style it offers to a room, upholstered wall panels can help keep warmth in. This is best for residents in the colder regions. It adds warmth and a cozy feel to the room. When you need to block outside noise for entering a room, such as a recording studio or a home theater, upholstered walls is the best solution. No More Hard Headboards Wouldn’t it be nice to prop yourself on a bed to read a favorite book before you sleep without worrying about hitting your head on a hard headboard? Unless you are living with a cat in your bedroom, upholstered headboards is the best option for you. Since headboards are very durable, expect this to serve you for a long time. However, you need not be locked in a specific style. Even if your bed doesn’t come with a headboard, you can call an expert upholstery maker to customize one for your bed. Some say that once you’ve had a custom upholstered headboard, you will never want to go back to the hardwood headboard again. Not only does customize patronize the homeowner’s style, it is also good for the environment. Repurposing and customizing furniture reduces landfill. Breathe new life to a furniture piece by calling the professional upholstery service in New York who can fabricate and customize upholstered furniture with the highest level of skill and confidence in their craft.      

Antique Furniture Styles Defined: Part 2 of 3 – The Bed

If you are looking to give your bedroom a vintage feel, there are a variety of antique bed and headboard styles that are still used today. Take advantage of one of these antique furniture options when you design your bedroom. …
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Where to Get Custom Upholstery in Cities Like NYC

Are you in need of a custom upholstery job for your furniture? If so, you may be unsure of where to go in order to find this service. It is difficult to find a quality furniture upholstery company no matter where you live, but if you are new to the area, it can be even more challenging to find someone that you can trust to do the job right. Use the following tips to try and find custom upholstery services in your city. …
Custom Ottoman Design

Custom Made Ottomans vs Department Store Furniture

Since at least 1789 when Thomas Jefferson purchased one, ottomans have enjoyed a place of popularity in American homes.  Before that the Europeans found them useful as did the denizens of the Ottoman Empire after which they were named.  Coming in a variety of sizes and even varying shapes they serve multiple purposes and may even be hollow for the purpose of providing storage space.  …

Light Up a Room with Custom-Made Furniture

Nothing is more depressing than a dark, stuffy living room or dining area without sufficient light or air. Of course, no one intentionally makes his or her home look lifeless and dreary, but poor design and thoughtless furniture choices can create this rather unfortunate effect. Lots of bad decisions can make a space look gloomy: for example, a room without windows, such as a basement, can feel like a basic storage unit if there aren’t enough light fixtures or free-standing lamps to brighten it up. Heavy curtains or a large piece of furniture blocking the window can cut off the light in any room, and dark walls and floors or dark furniture that look elegant in a showroom can also serve to create a heavy, somber mood at home. …