4 Ways to Modernize the Living Room of Your New Jersey Home

When you stop noticing your living room style, it means it needs a makeover. You may have been keeping your old, drab, dark furniture pieces for far too long. The patterns, textures, and colors help keep a room updated and more alive. You do not need to throw away your old furniture and fixtures. There are ways you can modernize your residential or office space in New Jersey without spending a fortune.  Bring back the excitement to your living room with these ideas. Go Bold With Your Colors Bold colors bring life, vibrancy and energy into any living space. It adds an element of surprise in a room expected to be in safe, neutral colors. Be careful of how you use solid colors especially in small room. In small rooms, choose only one wall for the accent color. Another option is to use upholstery with a solid color to accent the room interiors. The Magic of Patterns and Textures One of the techniques used by interior designers is the use of texture and pattern to create visually appealing rooms. Apply combination of patterns and textures selectively on carpets, wall cover, furniture, upholstery, or on other design elements. The key is creating balance. Mix textures and patterns between couches and pillows or between carpet and futtons.  Consider reupholstery if the old furniture looks dated or faded. You need not buy new furniture. Repairs and reupholstery will save you money on redecorating expenses.Lighting Effects When using bold colors and eye-catching patterns on your walls or large furniture, have lots of illumination either coming from natural or artificial light. Without proper lighting, the room will look gloomy and old. If the room has windows, take advantage of the natural light by keeping drapes or blinds up during the day if possible. Use mirrors not only as a design element, or for vanity purposes, but also as a means to reflect light coming from different sources, such as a window or a chandelier. A mirror placed opposite a window can give you an additional outdoor view from inside the room Don’t be a victim of trends. Modernizing does not necessarily mean you have to go with the latest color or latest furniture release advertised on the magazine. Remember that a trend can go out of style in a few years. Some trends   have even shorter lifespans than expected. No matter how tempting it is to have a prized couch reupholstered into one with a quirky and trendy pattern, think twice of thrice about it. Are you just following a fleeting trend or are you intending to start one? Careful consideration is essential. If you wish to express your personality through unique room designs, have it done to perfection by a team of experts. Modernizing sometimes just entails freshening up your carpets, and upholstery through cleaning, repairs, and reupholstery with a new design. If you haven’t changed your interiors or furniture in the past 10 years, it may be time to do so soon. Call the furniture repair specialists in New Jersey for your reupholstery, repair, and other furniture needs. You will be glad you did.      

Couches and Design Hacks for Your Small NYC Condo Unit

Living in a small NYC condo unit poses a design challenge. We all love to have a cozy living room. The small area provided will extend your creative juices for decorating. You know what? You can still make you room appear larger than it is, and cozier, too. To inspire you, we have collected effective solutions for furnishing a small space. Measure before you buy. Take the exact measurements of your space with you when buying furniture for your small space. Measure the dimensions including the walking area so you know you can move comfortably when you set the sofa, chairs, and tables in place. You will not want to end up frustrated when you realize that your chosen sofa won’t fit in the living room. In case it would not fit the hallways or elevator leading to your condo unit, you can always call furniture moving service in NYC to work this out for you. Downsized and Multipurpose Since a small space can only handle a very limited number of furniture, you will need to maximize what you have. You may not be able to fit a sofa and a love seat in one room even if you wanted to. This will leave you will no room for moving around. Opt for a small sectional sofa instead. It looks stylish and allows for more seating compared to a normal sofa. If you still have room for one or two more items, consider getting an ottoman that doubles as a multipurpose furniture. Instead of a solid side table, consider a hanging hinged table that you can fold when not in use. Distraction for Attraction When you have a cramped space, it helps to distract the eyes away from it. Instead of getting a coffee table or center table opt for two identical end tables. The eyes won’t normally look at the end tables, and yet, these will still afford you some table space for items or food. Unifying SpacesIf you live in a studio condo space, you most likely have a living room connected to the kitchen. This calls for some decorating tricks. Be sure to make your designs and decorations cohesive enough to make the appearance of the entire room pleasing to the eyes. Use similar patterns or colors to make each room blend with the other. This design technique will create an illusion of a larger living space because of the extended and unifying effect of the design. So, there you have it. These are simple techniques and design hacks for small living spaces. You can still enjoy cozy and functional furniture in a cohesive design that will make you space look classy. Always remember to prepare ahead of time before visiting a furniture store. Bring a photo of your space, a diagram or floor plan together with the measurements of the area you need to furnish. Should you need help with furniture moving or customization in NYC, DrSofa a company of furniture experts, is just a phone call away.

Restore Your Old Leather Sofa for Your Trendy New York Home

Using an old leather sofa you wouldn’t want to get rid of can be a tricky design move. This poses an even greater challenge if you want to use it in a new home with trendy interiors. Its appeal comes from being a durable and dependable seat in the home. Another factor is its old world charm brought about its natural characteristics that also make it an expensive piece. Unlike other cheaper furniture that you will replace in a heartbeat when worn out, the leather furniture will make you think twice. In cases where you inherited an old leather sofa with some fades here and there, the problem is minor. There are excellent leather upholstery services in New York that can restore your faded leather until it looks and feels just as good as new. Keep it for its sentimental value.Perhaps your old leather sofa has been with you for some years now. It has been around long enough through various changes in your lifetime. You most likely developed an emotional attachment to this chair that has witnessed so many important things in your life. Now, it show signs of age and wear. It lost its lustrous charm. Seeing your old leather sofa in that condition should not discourage you from keeping it. Simply contact a leather upholstery restoration service such as Dr.Sofa to know what can be done to fix your old leather furniture. They have been in the business long enough to know how to fix various cases of leather upholstery damages. These experts will recommend the best procedure to restore your leather sofa. Not only can they fix the faded colors of the leather upholstery, they can also repair and fix what needs to be fixed together with the leather restoration job. Ensure that You Get the Right Color You may be thinking of doing the color restoration yourself, but this is such a great risk for an expensive type of upholstery. Most old leather upholstery material may no longer be available. Thus, it can be difficult to find the exact match for the old material. Forcing an unmatched color to an old material may ruin the total look of your prized furniture. Avoid this disaster by choosing to avail leather sofa color repair services to get excellent results from the repair procedure. Restoring your leather sofa is an economical move. In almost anything in that concerns spending, we aim to minimize expenses. When you notice the signs fading on your leather sofa, you may not always ready funds to buy another leather sofa. Considering that the cost of leather is worth a great investment, immediately buying a new one may not be the most practical thing to do. Before you intend to purchase a new piece of furniture, consult with a professional repair service provider first. Repairs and leather restoration services are often more economical than buying a new one. Leather sofa is a worthwhile investment. Make it last longer through restoration. No matter what your New York home may look like, a leather sofa will always be a timeless piece worth having.

Preparing your New York Rooftop and Outdoor Furniture for Summer

Decorate your rooftop deck with some outdoor furniture and a few tweaks for the summer. Transform your rooftop space from a mere solid slab to a cozy party or entertainment area. A rooftop offers a peaceful and secluded entertaining spot in the middle of the city. When space is a luxury, such as in New York, rooftops are awesome places to transform. The panoramic views make rooftop deck transformations so worth all the effort.If you are starting from scratch, you are in for an exciting ride. Just like a having a blank canvass, you are the artist. Plan all the design elements and furniture carefully. Here are some ideas you can use: Choose Your Outdoor Furniture Choose interesting and cozy outdoor furniture that would make you really want to stay outdoors longer. Start by having a few chairs and a table. If you are on a budget, you can also have some used furniture repaired or refinished by a trusted furniture repair service in New York. If you are not a handyman, you can’t go wrong with hiring craftsmen who can fix your furniture in time for the summer season.Add Plants The addition of plants provide a refreshing way of keeping a sense of privacy. It also provides a garden-like ambiance to your outdoor space. Picnic Tables Enjoy the al fresco dining opportunity provided by the short summer season by setting up picnic tables as your main outdoor furniture. Wooden chairs and tables are your best bet if you want a durable set that you can use for many seasons. If you love cooking, then you might as well add in a grill or a barbecue set. Cushions and UpholsteryOutdoor lounge furniture with cushions and quality upholstery fit for the outdoors, will help you relax after a long day. Enjoy a book or watch an outdoor movie in your own high and cozy space. Still wondering what type of upholstery to get for your rooftop deck? DrSofa can give you suggestions based on your upholstery needs and area requirements. They also do custom furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces. Pergola and Shade It would be nice to bask in the summer sun while watching clouds drifting by. Perhaps you can also enjoy the clear summer sky from the rooftop. Sometimes, when the sun is too harsh, it would be nice to have a form of protection from the heat. A pergola or any type of shade structure can do the job. It also provides some privacy especially when you hang curtains on it. There are many rooftop deck ideas. Create a space depending on your style taste, your outdoor relaxation needs, and the capacity of the rooftop area. You may also use refurbished furniture if you wish. That space has a lot of potential and it is just waiting for you to transform it into something useful and extraordinary. For your outdoor furniture repair and customization needs in New York City, remember that DrSofa is just a call away.

You Will Need These Useful Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Summer in Virginia

When it’s summer and the weather is great, it would be nice to have the perfect outdoor furniture to complement your activities.  Are you fond of swimming, outdoor cooking, sunbathing, or sports? Relaxing outdoors is as irresistible as the diving into the crystal-clear cool waters on a hot summer day. This will not be complete without the right outdoor furniture. Patio furniture sets seen on magazines and design websites would be nice to have at home. However, if you reside in an area where seasons change, you will think twice before investing in patio furniture. The tendency will be to store and wrap up your furniture for the half of the year for protection from external elements. There are ways you can go about protecting your patio furniture so you can enjoy them longer than just 2 seasons. There are several options including furniture disassembly and fabric protection. Here are some suggestions you can use. Work with your available furniture. You may have an old chair, table, or couch that you have been keeping in your basement. Perhaps these items look outdated have been slightly damaged through constant use. See if your can remodel these furniture pieces to make it suitable for outdoor use. Perhaps a refinish or a reupholstery service with more durable upholstery fabric  can give these items a renewed life for outdoor use.Plan ahead by furnishing from the inside out. If you are just starting out on investing on furniture, you may consider buying pieces or sets that you can use outdoors.  Invest in high-quality plastic or aluminum chairs that you can easily bring outdoors for a barbecue or for outdoor entertaining purposes. Even if it is just an intimate stargazing opportunity with your loved one, wouldn’t it be nice to bring indoor comfort outdoors? Protect transition furniture. If furnishing from the inside out is not your thing, you can still save on outdoor furniture by using indoor pieces. How? Just add a layer of protection for upholstery fabrics should you intend to use these outdoors during summer. Fabric protection will keep colors from fading and it will also protect upholstery from other outdoor elements such as wind and rain. Storage Tips for the Colder Months Ahead Just like any good thing, summer also comes to an end. As the colder months set in, you will want to extend the life of your outdoor furniture. The best way to store your outdoor furniture to prevent damages is by disassembly prior to storage. Contact a furniture company in Virginia who expertly handles furniture disassembly and reassembly. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy your outdoor furniture for a longer time. Should you feel you need to change styles in the coming months, that will be easy. You can go for custom furniture. Call DrSofa for recommendations if you are at a loss on what to do with existing furniture. Perhaps you may need suggestions on furnishing your patio for the summer as well as for the coming seasons. You know who to call.

Why Get an Office Furniture Disassembly / Assembly Service in DC?

Why is there a need to get a furniture disassembly service for your office furniture? The appearance of your business office is crucial to your business image. Your office is where you meet clients, negotiate or close deals, and it is basically your storefront. Business Image Having sloppy or badly assemble furniture can reflect poorly on the image of your business. The comfort of your clients should be one of the top priorities in your office. Having wobbly or squeaking seats is definitely not a classy or proper way to present your business to guests and potential clients. Look at it this way. If the clients see that you could not even take time to repair your office furniture, how sure are they to trust you on delivering a flawless and satisfying service? These may be minor to you as a business owner who wants to scrimped on office maintenance cost, but these will mean a lot to clients.Comfort of Your Employees For most employees, the office is their second home. Employee morale rises when they use high quality furniture. They feel valued and respected if you provide them with seats and table comfortable enough to work efficiently without having succumb to back pains. When employees feel good while doing their job, productivity increases. Avoid Unnecessary Liabilities Bad furniture assembly can cause financial and even legal liabilities in business.  What if a client or an employee sits on a badly assembled furniture and it accidentally cracks and injures the person? You can face a lawsuit and a possible loss of a client just because you scrimped on quality furniture assembly. If you want to have quality furniture, your company should invest in the assembly and not only spend basing on the external appearance of office furniture. Assurance of Stability Sometimes, to save on office interior furnishing costs, companies will resort to buying used office furniture. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, if selected properly, this can be a very wise move. Just ensure that beyond forgivable upholstery flaws, scratches or dents, the items should be stable enough. When buying used office furniture, check if all screws, bolts, and other necessary connections are intact. If unsure, you may always call a dependable furniture disassembly service in Washington DC for free consultations. Since you intend to spend on office furniture, consider hiring professionals for furniture disassembly and assembly. This will ensure peace of mind that your chairs and tables will look and perform well as it appears in the showroom. Quality from Inside Out The work of a dependable furniture company results in having dependable furniture for your office. In running a business, you would rather spend your energy on business strategies. Entrust the furniture assembly the experts and thus maximize the functionality of your office. When you run a serious business, you and your employees deserve the best furniture to last a long time. Call DrSofa for all your furniture disassembly and furniture customization needs.  

Furniture Disassembly of a Sectional Sofa for Your Boston Apartment

Furniture disassembly is the best option if you wish to take your large sectional sofa with you to your new location. This is especially true if you come from a small apartment or you are moving to a place with small entryways.What make a sectional sofa so interesting when it comes to the task of assembly and disassembly is the challenge that comes with it.  By disassembling the parts of the sofa, you can reposition and rearrange the components easier. When you have a large piece of furniture such as this, be aware of the several factors you will need to consider. The Parts Just like with most furniture items, the parts of a sectional sofa are joined together with hardware called dowels. Always disconnect these dowel fittings and components before you attempt to take the move the furniture to another room or location. Apart from dowels, there are clasp connection hardware that you have to deal with. These are along the sides of the sectionals and help keep the connections in place. If the person in charge of disassembly is careless or inexperienced, these claaps can damage the upholstery during moving. You would not want that to happen to your expensive or heirloom furniture. Should you do it yourself? Truth is, disassembling a sectional sofa sounds easier than it actually is. For the untrained individual, it is a very challenging task that requires time and patience, not to mention some amount of skill to execute. It involves mental assessment to locate where each of the connections are located. Lifting and pushing the sofa parts are inevitable. As each component of the sectional is disconnected, that’s the only time you can begin moving the pieces. If you live alone or you are not in the condition to carry huge pieces of the sectionals, you’d be better off hiring an expert. Why hire disassembly experts? Furniture disassembly is a task that most local and small upholstery shops would rather not do. Sure, they can build a chair or a cabinet, but disassembly and assembly of a sectional requires a different skill level, and experience, of course. There are cases when a sectional sofa is too large that even the disassembled pieces still won’t fit through a door, an elevator, or a hallway. This is when the artisans will do some sofa surgery on each section. Sound AdviceSometimes, the size or shape of the sectional cannot work with the new location. This is when the professionals give expert advice on furniture solutions just to save your sofa. If needed, they may recommend furniture redesign or modification. Shown below is the same sofa redesigned into two separate pieces to fit the room.There is nothing like having peace of mind when you’re dealing with a reputable furniture disassembly company in Boston. They know every inch of the furniture and every step of the process. During the moving planning or remodeling a home, you have a million things going in your head. The task of disassembly and reconfiguration of your sectional will be the last thing you want to worry about.