How New Yorkers Solve Their Most Pressing Oversized Sofa Problem

The growing popularity of the oversized sofa invasion has driven homeowners to tears. But this does not stop designers from creating huge sofas for stores and clients. With the great demand for these couches comes great frustrations that need solutions. It is a very stressful experience to realize that a couch won’t fit through the doorway at the last minute. “I get calls at all hours of the night…Usually there are tears involved” said Shlomi Gal-On also known as Dr. Sofa, in an interview with the New York Times.  “One woman called me crying because her couch didn’t fit through the front door of her building,” he said. “When I got to her place it was dark out and she was sitting on the sofa in the middle of the sidewalk, weeping hysterically. She jumped up and threw her arms around me and started shouting, ‘The messiah has come!’ We definitely got some interesting looks from people passing by.” image bye Robert Caplin for The New York Times Disassembly Service to the Rescue In the past decades, the number of desperate calls for help on moving large furniture pieces grew considerably.  In New York, the sofa disassembly service began as a trade during the late 70s, catering to a growing number of clientele. Noticeably, major furniture dealers and designers are offering sofas that are 94 inches or more in length and 43 inches or more in depth, as compared with typical 86 and 36 inches maximums a decade ago. As American houses expanded, the furniture makers followed the trend as well. Decorators get more requests for oversized furniture. Now, they no longer worry about large sizes and moving problems. They know they can always count on reliable furniture disassembly services to take care of that aspect. “The service has ‘saved me a lot of sales lately,’” he said. “I tell them: ‘Don’t worry about size. If you want it, I know a guy who can get it in’ .”  Victor DiBlase, who owns Victor’s Sample Room, a furniture outlet at the New York Design Center emphasized this. No Limits This meticulous task of disassembling and reassembling a furniture piece may look easy in the hands of experts. However, anxiety cannot be avoided especially when dealing with antique furniture and delicate upholstery. Knowing these factores, New York City dwellers still risk buying large furniture and having these taken apart. If just to follow their aesthetic plan for their home interiors, so be it! “Even some of the city’s most luxurious apartments have tiny elevators and door frames,” Mr. Gal-On of Dr. Sofa said. He recalls an experience with his client, Jeff Gordon, the racecar driver, who has contacted his company on two occasions to fit two different couches through his oddly shaped entryway. “I told him not to worry because tight turns are how I earn my money,” Mr. Gal-On said. “He just laughed and said, ‘That’s the same way I earn mine.’ ” Clearly now, the size of a furniture no longer limits the design ideas of furniture makers. The furniture disassembly and reassembly services opened up so many decorating possibilities.  

6 Practical Reasons for Redesigning Furniture in NYC

One way of getting a new look for your interiors for less is through redesigning furniture. People modify furniture for different reasons. It may have crossed your mind to think how one sofa could have looked better if it were made differently. Well, did you know that it can be done? There are practical reasons for doing so: Keep Your Well-loved Furniture What better way to keep a piece of furniture with a sentimental value than to use it where it can be seen? However, old furniture tends to look drab or outdated. As long as the frame is intact, you can have it redesigned by an excellent furniture maker in NYC. From Old to New Breathe new life into old furniture by changing some of its elements. Dated chairs often look dull, losing its appeal even if they are made from quality materials. Changing upholstery or adding a back cushion to a plain backing can modernize the look of an old furniture. You Are in Control Some couches are designed with a general perception of a room in mind. Not all spaces are the same. Sometimes, you fall in love with a sofa and you just couldn’t live without it. Unfortunately, it may not fit the intended area. Remember that you can be in control.  You can swap parts of a couch from left to right if that’s what satisfies your tastes.High Quality of Older Furniture Many older furniture pieces still survive today because they are so durable. Some of them have outlived their former owners. An old chair may just need reupholstery and a fresh paint to transform it from a drab to fab. An old closet cast off due to some broken cabinet doors may look wonderful as an open shelf after a major furniture redesign. Ideas are plenty. Find you inspiration or ask for suggestions from a furniture repair service provider. It Fits You can always make your furniture fit no matter what shape of size your room is, When you really love a piece of furniture, there are ways to redesign it. No furniture is too large for a room especially when you get help from furniture experts who know what to do with it. Oversized furniture can be divided and custom-fitted to the shape of any area. It Increases Productivity Studies show that good furniture choice increases productivity. This is observed most often in business offices. Boring office furniture can make employees slack. Vibrant colors uplift the mood. A normal employee spends around 40 hours per week on the same workplace. It does get boring if you see the same thing for months or years. For this reason, many businesses redesign office furniture on a regular basis. Redesigning furniture is not only for aesthetic purposes. These are just some of the practical reasons to do such. You can freshen up your space with new-looking furniture without the expense of buying new furniture. Look around. Redesign your furniture. Need help? Call DrSofa for consultation and custom furniture services.

Finding Your Dream Sofa Maker in NYC

When you want to relax and lounge in style every single day, you have a dream sofa in mind. With discriminating tastes for comfort comes the challenge of finding that perfect seat. Sometimes, the available furniture styles offered at showrooms do not satisfy you. Solve this dilemma by having custom furniture. Why should you opt for one? A sofa is one of the major focal points in your living room, family room, or lounge.  It is worthy of a meticulous process of selection since it is a very important investment for your home or business space.When you have decided on getting a custom sofa, the next move is to find your dream sofa maker. Finding a good one in NYC is similar to searching for an expert in any important profession. Here are some important pointers: Years in the trade – This is not aimed to discredit the new players in the custom upholstery field. Upholsterers who maintain their business for years have a good reason why they are still up and running. The years in service of an upholsterer is one important factor you need to consider. Their work speaks for themselves – There is a big difference between the work of an amateur and the work of a professional. The finished products will show you how a sofa was meticulously made through the finer details of its parts. Customer feedback – Happy and satisfied customers will speak well of the output of the custom upholstery service. They will be glad to recommend the one who provided them with excellent finished product as well as great customer service. Recommendations – If you are new to the city, check out offices, churches, clinics, hotels, and other establishments. Often, these ones use custom upholstery. They also concerned about the image they project. Hence, they see to it that they only hire quality upholstery service for their furniture. Ask for recommendations, and you will surely get leads to the best service there is. Website – A business that maintains a decent website shows that the management cares about the company’s  public reputation. Online visibility is a double-edged sword. It provides an excellent showcase for their products and services. It also exposes them to public feedback whether good or bad. A good custom upholsterer can bravely show to the world the excellent quality of their products and service through a website. Communicate Your Expectations Well As you find the right custom upholstery maker, be clear with your expectations because it is on these factors that the craftsman will base the quality of output. Ask for a written job order including the details of the project. Proper communication during the initial meetings will also reveal how well-matched you are as a client with the upholsterer. The search for a good sofa maker may be challenging and even exhausting sometimes. In the end, you will appreciate that all your efforts will be rewarded once you find the best one. After doing your research, you will eventually find your dream sofa maker in NYC.

Experts Speak About Tips on Buying a Comfy Sofa

The sofa could be the most revered furniture item in the living room or entertainment center. For this reason, we just could not leave this crucial selection process to chance. Watching a good movie or a riveting Netflix show is even better when done on in cozy comfort provided by a well-chosen sofa just for you. Homeowners and interior designers agree that this huge furniture piece is one major investment you will have to make in your home. It is only reasonable to choose well since it will serve you for many years. HGTV Personal Shopper asked experts their opinions and tips on the factors to consider when choosing a couch. Consider your Budget Did you know that you could still get a good sofa at low prices? That’s one good news for all who are shopping with a limited budget. Cindy W. Hodnett, Upholstery and Style Editor for Furniture Today stated that “You can find an affordable, high-quality sofa — and the exact opposite is true as well.” One factor that raises the sofa’s price is its type. There are many types of sofas, and each one has a unique capability. It is important to decide on the purpose of your sofa before finalizing your budget on it. “A sofa you plan to make the centerpiece of your living room in your dream-house might be worth more of an investment,” according to Max Bar-Nahum, director of custom upholstery at DrSofa, a furniture services company specializing on disassembly (and reassembly), upholstery, repair, and custom furniture. “On the other hand, if you know your tastes change often, you’ll be moving in a couple of years, or if it’s the sofa you’ll put in your playroom for your kids to hang out on, you might not want to spend too much over your budget.” Style Choice What do you want from a couch? Based on you budget range, you now have streamlined your choices. Would you need a sectional, a sofa, or a loveseat? Consider the shape and size seriously. Know beforehand if the new sofa will fit your room or if it will fit through the door. In cases like these, you can always call on a sofa disassembly/ reassembly service. Only deal with reputable retailers. Lessen you worries by buying from established furniture retailers. Bar-Nahum of DrSofa says, “you can buy a sofa on Craiglist or at some small corner furniture store, but you may not get the support you need,… The salespeople at bigger stores like Crate & Barrel or Room & Board, for example, have training, so they know how to answer your questions — or find out the answer to something they don’t know.” Choose good upholstery. When it comes to upholstery and materials, Bar-Nahum suggests getting couches with denser foam. “Denser foam will last longer and provide more support,” says Bar-Nahum. “We prefer ultra-high density or high-density clean foams.” If you live with active household members or with pets, you may want to choose performance fabrics that are stain resistant. “If you’re buying a sofa that will sit in a formal living room you’ll use twice a year, you can go for a more delicate fabric like linen, but in a family room you’ll use every day that material probably won’t last very long,” says Bar-Nahum. Featured upholstery experts have spoken. If you need more information on choosing the right sofa,call an upholstery service company near you.            

Office Furniture Reupholstery Service For Your Chicago Business Spaces

Using office furniture reupholstery service is one understated option with a great potential in corporate interior design. As a company, you are definitely concerned about the image you project to your customers and guests. You can uplift this image without the cost incurred by total replacement of office furniture. When upholstery gets worn out, the initial reaction is to replace the whole set of furniture, sometimes even the wall panels. This is a costly move. Reupholstery is the best option.  Office furniture sets are often more durable than home furniture. Sometimes they are custom pieces. Years of use may have damaged the fabric and some cushion fillings. For this reason, hire only experts for this reupholstery project. Waiting areas and Lobbies Seats in the most used areas such as the lobbies and waiting rooms wear out easily with multiple uses. Even the regular upholstery cleaning and occasional deep cleaning will definitely take its toll on the fabric. What’s really great about reupholstering common area seats is that you can breathe new life into the furniture and fittings. It gives a fresher and a trendier look updated for better visual appeal and comfort to greet incoming guests. Clinics and Medical Facilities Upholstered furniture in medical and assisted living facilities are important for the safety and comfort of guests and residents. When choosing upholstery fabrics for this purpose, the best ones have designs that have a cozy appeal. Upholster or reupholster furniture serving these functions in fabrics that mimic a home setting. Banks, Hotel Lobbies, and Other Office Reception Areas These types of businesses need to leave a more formal impression on the guests, clients, or potential clients. If the furniture was pre-owned and acquired in used condition, replace the upholstery material with those in neutral colors. Choose fabrics in subdued patterns as well, otherwise, use plain, neutral colors. Individual Office Chairs Office chairs with high quality and durable frames can serve you far longer than the cheap ones made with plastic frames. Most desk workers sit on their chairs on the average of 20000 hours in a year. It is not unusual to see worn out office chairs that will need reupholstery or replacement. Reupholstery of the lot of quality office chairs is still preferable over buying new but inferior ones if your goal is only to save money. The key is finding an excellent reupholstery company in Chicago that can handle all the chairs in your office. Local businesses recommend DrSofa for this purpose. So, if you are looking at a cozy but worn out swivel chair and feel saddened by its condition, know that there is hope. Executive chairs are comfortable and expensive. If budget is an issue, you do not need to buy a new one. Call reupholstery experts to assess the extent of work needed for its restoration. As you decide to opt for reupholstery of your office furniture, keep in mind that you did yourself and the environment a great favor. You not only saved on cost; you also help reduce waste and landfill. With the fresh new look of your office space having reupolstered furniture, it’s a totally winning decision.

How to Find an Upholstery Repair Service in New York City

Upholstery repair can be one of the most practical things you can do to save a well-loved upholstered furniture. If you own a valuable piece of furniture, have it immediately repaired before the damage worsens. Sometimes, when left unattended for a very long time, upholstery gets brittle and undesirable to use. The challenge is finding the right upholstery service.Sure, when you check the Yellow Pages or local advertisements, there are many upholsterers in the area. How can you determine which one to choose? Here are some pointers on what to do: Inspect the damages. You should know the damage that needs repair because this is where the upholsterer will base the repair service cost. There are specific artisans who specialize in specific furniture services such as reupholstery, antique furniture, custom furniture, and other services. Check the warranty. If you recently purchased the item as brand new from a furniture shop, chances are it is still under warranty. Read the warranty papers if your furniture is still valid for service or if the warranty is void. If you decide to hire an upholsterer outside of the dealer’s company, know the extent of your responsibility. Perhaps it may be worth it. Find reviews and referrals on upholstery services. Today, it is very easy to search for reviews of any type of service. This is very important before entrusting your valuable upholstered furniture. Does the upholstery repair service have recommendations from reputable papers such as the New York Times or other local publications? Does it have honest user reviews on forums and online networks? Do your homework and check how visible the management of the upholstery service is. Ask about the procedure and equipment used. Professional upholstery services use industrial grade equipment for perform tasks efficiently. If you require cleaning of upholstery or carpets, you will want a service provider who is well-equipped with the right machines needed for the job. For furniture moving services, check out their trucks and as how they will go about handling your furniture.Check their reputation as an upholstery service provider in New York. Learn about how long they have been operating their business. Ask around to know their reputation in terms of quality of work and customer service. Customers will always have something to say, both good and bad. Weigh the results of testimonies between satisfied and unsatisfied customers. With more satisfied customers, suggests that you are choosing the right company to work on your furniture. After doing your homework, you are ready to start interviewing the upholstery repair services in your area. If you ask the right questions, experts will give you the proper answers you need for deciding on who to hire for the repair project. During the job you can take note of their other services that you may need for the future. Be specific with your needs and communicate your expectations so they know how they can accommodate your demands.  If all goes well, this will be a long-term professional relationship with the right upholsterer.  

What to Consider When Hiring an Office Furniture Assembly Service in NYC

When Hiring an Office Furniture Assembly Service in NYC there is few things need to take under consideration .Office furniture assembly is one of the tasks that you may face whether you are a business owner or interior decorator. While some office fixtures may come with instruction manuals, assembling several tables, dividers, customer chairs or other office furniture may not be your expertise. You would rather be doing other more important tasks pertaining to your business or office set-up. At this point, you have decided to hire furniture experts to assemble or disassemble your office furniture. Know how to choose the service available in NYC.  There are several factors to consider: The Amount and Type of Office Furniture Knowing this basic factor will help the contractor assess the amount of time it takes to complete the task. If you’re too overwhelmed by this task, such as if there are several floor of offices needed to assess, call the furniture company to do the assessment. Can they work with your schedule? Professional services should have dependable staff who are willing to work around your available schedule. This way, you can continue running your business while furniture installation can be worked on. Can they work overnight or 24/7? Large projects will require uninterrupted work. Some buildings only allow construction, including assembly, only at night after business hours.  Depending on the complexity of work, these can often be done overnight. You will be greeted by a freshly furnished office on the next business day. Can they work with used furniture with quality output? These days, remodeling and repurposing of used furniture is encouraged not just to save on budget. This is also an eco-friendly way of furnishing a new office. When you have decided on this option, find a service provider who can not only disassemble and assemble furniture, but also one who can customize. If you are in NYC, DrSofa can do this job excellently for you. They have well-trained artisans who can remodel old furniture to work with any space, even small spaces. They can also reupholster your old furniture to match the new office interior design. Can they work with your budget? This is one of the most important factors you must consider when looking for an office furniture assembly service in NYC. With the high prices of services in this city, make sure that the company is capable enough provide the best value for your money. They should also offer budget friendly solutions and alternatives to work with your available funds. Check for customer reviews. Hire a company with a long history of business or a good amount of satisfied clients within NYC, neighboring cities, or states. This is very important. You know you should hire craftsmen for their expertise to make the output praise-worthy for the image of your company. You will not want to deal with amateurs who may frustrate you. Once you have chosen the right company who will disassemble or assemble your office furniture, do not be afraid to ask questions. Communication is key to a smooth project deal. For your office furniture assembly needs, DrSofa is here to help you.

Upholstery Spring Cleaning in Manhattan To Get Rid of Your Sofa’s Nasty Secrets

Winter is over; and as spring arrives, it’s time for spring cleaning as well. It’s time to open the shutters and let the sun and cool breeze in. Keep the heavy blankets and covers and give your home a fresh clean start for the season. The thing is, even if your scrub the whole house, the sofa remains to keep a grand collection of dirt and dust mites that can cause allergy and other sickness. Be sure to include your upholstered furniture in your mega cleaning project. While you can toss any washable furniture in the washing machine, you cannot do this with your sofa. It needs a deeper level of cleaning that only professionals can properly perform. Am I exaggerating? Check out what elements you should get rid off. What Lies Beneath? Aside from the lost pens, old candies, cheerios, keys, or probably a lost TV remote controller, there are dozens of other things trapped in your couch that are both visible and invisible to the naked eye. This include pet hair and dander, dust, dust mites, cobwebs, loose hair, dead skin, spiders, roaches and roach eggs, mice droppings, and colonies of various breeds of germs among others. That’s just the upholstery surface. The foam stuffing beneath the fabric has many other funky stuff you need to get rid off. This includes the odor that your pet dog or cat has deposited by urinating on the couch while you were not looking. Your sweat and body oils have also seeped through the upholstery fabric in the many months or years of usage. All these factors are feeding the bacteria and mites living inside your favorite sofa. Surface Level The most obvious area of your couch could be revealing stains caused by drink and food spills or pet urine. In addition to the unsightly stains, pet urine odor can be quite strong that no ordinary detergent can remove. Bringing your couch under the sun during your spring cleaning routine, may temporarily solve the odor problem. Eventually, the odor may come in a few days or weeks due to the multiplying of the bacteria in the foam or filling. Cleaners to the Rescue No matter what scrubbing and “disinfecting” you do on the surface of the upholstery, this just wouldn’t thoroughly clean it. While you can remove minor surface stains, the rest of your cleaning effort just masks the dirt and nasty stuff beneath. What you need is a professional upholstery cleaning service  in Manhattan who can expertly handle the job. The expertly trained cleaners will visit your home and work their cleaning magic.  If the stain is too severe, you may be advised to have your furniture reupholstered. All these will be determined once you call the experts. As you enter another fresh season of the year, ensure that your home including your upholstery are free from dirt, stains, and illness-causing bacteria. Spring cleaning is a chore, but if you have experts to do it for you, you can breeze through the new season without much stress.

Common Sofa Emergency Situations in New York City

The sofa remains to be a popular choice of furniture for the home or even for the business lounges in New York City. Like any other item that provides us with comforts, it also comes with its own emergencies. Sometimes, these things happen due to misuse, lack of proper planning, manufacturer fault, or simply because the material has seen better days. Ripped at the SeamsYou’ll never know when the seams of your sofa will eventually rip at the seams. If not remedied immediately, you are to witness further damages. Call a reupholstery service for immediate repair. When you procrastinate and the damage gets too large, a total reupholstery job may be necessary, causing greater expense on your part. Moving an Oversized SofaAnyone who experienced moving to another location bringing a large sofa may encounter this emergency especially little planning was involved. Do not underestimate the issue of moving, especially with prized furniture. Let the experts handle it. Cracked Leather UpholsteryIf your leather upholstery has not been maintained with moisturizers, this can happen any time. Leather is a very durable material for sofas and chairs, but if neglected, horrible things can happen. When cracked leather is visible on your chair upholstery, scratched skin will be the next emergency situation. Sofa Too Big to Fit Through a DoorIt doesn’t matter whether you are living in a small house or a high-rise condo in New York or Manhattan. Moving a sofa through the door can be a very annoying problem for sofa owners. Good thing, there are expert furniture movers, such as DrSofa to the rescue when these emergencies happen. Pet Damaged the SofaPet lovers definitely understand the risks of having upholstered furniture and a pet together inside the house. Leaving a pet unattended with all the freedom in the world to do anything to furniture can lead to unpleasant surprises one day. StainsSofa stains can come from different sources. It could be from spilled food and drinks or from a hyper creative toddler who tried to turn your upholstery into a sketch pad using a pen. The size of the stain doesn’t matter. This IS an emergency situation that needs immediate attention. Mite InfestationAnother emergency that sofa owners figure out one day is the possibility of mite infestation. When members of the household keep getting sick, coughs don’t stop, and colds are common, it’s time to inspect the couch. If your couch hasn’t been deep-cleaned in years, this is now a ripe and full breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. Call a sofa cleaning service immediately. When you acquire a new or a used couch, it can be hard to tell when you will run into an emergency situation. Apart from the urgent solution needed when moving a sofa through the hallway or fitting it through a narrow doorway, there are situations you cannot predict. Always keep the contact number of a sofa doctor within reach. Trust only the upholstery specialists who have been in the business for many years and are trusted by clients in the locality.