Furniture Emergency Situation in New York: Sofa Stuck in an Elevator

Having a sofa stuck in an elevator qualifies as an emergency situation in the same way as when someone or something gets trapped inside an elevator. Not only humans or animals are stuck in these cramped spaces, even couches and oversized furniture need emergency attention as well.You may have contemplated on leaving your oversized furniture behind, but then, this couch, wingchair, or bed may be too priceless to just give up. So, you end up bringing it everywhere you move in to no matter what the cost. Now, it’s stuck; as a result, other people in the building could not use the elevator because of an entire sofa is making thing difficult for everyone. In this situation, you have no other choice but to call the New York sofa doctors immediately. Professionals have an immediate solution to this problem no matter how tall, how wide, or how large the furniture is. So, you’re stuck in a situation rendering that elevator useless for transporting your couch to your living space. This is what you should do: Don’t Panic This is the time you need to clear your head. Ask if the building has a service elevator and see if your sofa that’s too big can fit in it. If they have one, you’re one step closer to solving this problem. Even then, you may still have to deal with a cramped hallway or a small doorway when you reach your apartment or condo unit. Call for Help You are no Superman and you would not want to risk damaging your furniture due to mishandling. So, better call the professionals. Don’t worry, sofa doctors get calls like these frequently. This is not new to them. Sometimes, they even get calls from desperate crying customers when their sofa wouldn’t fit the doorway, the hallway, or the elevator. Only trust a company who has years of quality service under their belt. If you are in New York, the staff of DrSofa will be there to help you. The Process Involved More often, the procedure requires furniture disassembly and reassembly. This is a tedious process which can be nerve-wracking if you do not know what you are doing. Experts will be able to take apart your furniture and assemble it in the same way it was before disassembly. If needed or if you request it, they can even cut your furniture into smaller sizes to fit in the intended space. A more detailed explanation of that service can be found here.Sometimes, they only need to temporarily remove parts of the furniture, such as the arm rest or the back rest. Even this process would require removal of joints, linings, and fasteners using industrial level equipment. The best remedy to a problem is to avoid it. If you are moving furniture to another place, be sure to take the exact measurements and have a solid plan on how you can go about it. To eliminate the stress, just entrust this task to a professional furniture disassembly service.

Spring Cleaning Tips in NYC: Freshen Up Your Upholstery

As spring comes, there is nothing more fitting to do than to freshen up your upholstery. You don’t need to spend so much on a new sofa even if it looks old. There are ways to achieve a new fab look without a major interior overhaul. Since upholstery is often the focal point of a room, here are some tips to keep your home looking fresh for this season and the whole year round. Planning and Surface Cleanup Look around. Now that the sun is up, you can see areas of your house that will need tidying. Neglected corner that have gathered dust and are now more visible. Many of these surface dirt can be removed by vacuuming. Stains on the carpet and upholstery that may have been caused by the holiday revelries are tougher ones to handle. Check stains on the sofa and carpets and see if there are stains that your emergency clean up procedure were not able to remove. Try spot-treatment on the area using a clean cloth moistened with water or alcohol.  Be careful especially if your upholstery is made of a material you are not familiar with. It is always best to check the cleaning instruction tag that came with your sofa. If still in doubt, better call a professional cleaning service in New York City. This will eliminate your worry of ruining an upholstery material, a mistake which may cost you more. New Look for Upholstery Fabric Your favorite couch or an antique wing chair may have been a focal point of your room – for years now.  Damages, tears, and signs of wear look untidy no matter how expensive the chair was when you first acquired it. You don’t have to throw it away. If the frame is still sturdy, reupholstery will give your chair a fresh look. If in doubt, you can always call for recommendations and free estimate on the extent of work that should be done. Contact a reupholstery service near you soonest and you will have the new look of your repaired chair to match the change of the season. Deep Cleaning: A Yearly Must When was the last time you had your upholstery and carpet professionally cleaned and disinfected? Deep cleaning for rugs and upholstery is something that needs to be done at least once a year if you have no pets at home. If you are living with pets, it is recommended to do this twice a year. This is not only for purposes of looking neat or for aesthetics; the reason is much deeper and more urgent than that. It is for health reasons. This very important task is discussed in this post in detail. Indeed, as fresh season of spring unveils it renewed beauty, so should your upholstery and carpets. Choose trusted cleaning professional specializing in upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. To avoid dust and dirt buildup, maintain a regular vacuuming schedule – weekly for high traffic areas and once a month for rooms with lesser activity. Pay attention to cleaning the creases, crevices, and corners  of sofas. Welcome spring with a fresher and a cleaner house.

It is Important to Do This To Prevent Allergies in your New York Home

Did you know that the most common cause of allergies is found in your home? The different kindsof allergens, including dust, dust mites, pollen, bugs, and other elements are just lurking and living in the fabrics at home. Within the fibers and creases of draperies, carpets, and upholstery, they thrive by the millions, invisible to the naked eye. The Tiny Monsters Lurking in Your Carpet and Upholstery Almost all homes have at least several pieces of furniture, carpet, or curtains. These are perfect breeding grounds of allergens. The spilled food, body oils, dead skin, and pet dander abundant in natural fabric and leather are their sources of food. They usually lurk in commonly used areas where dust and lint frequently accumulate. These include the carpet edges, air ducts, beneath the baseboards, within the fibers and filling of upholstered furniture.The allergy-causing insects hatch during the late winter to early spring and their larvae will explore your home in search of food. Even if the food source is unavailable during this stage, they can still survive for weeks. Some species of carpet beetle larvae can crawl and spread throughout the house. Within 2-11 months, carpet beetles multiply and live with you up to their whole life cycle. If they are not eliminated, another life cycle starts and, before you know it, you are living with generations of mites and beetles multiplying by the millions! It’s Time to Call Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners This does not mean that having these fabrics at home are bad. No, not at all. What health professionals and professional carpet and upholstery cleaners in New York recommend is that these should be deep cleaned at least once a year. Not only do these mites and bugs cause allergies, they also damage your furniture upholstery and carpets.Carpet and upholstery cleaners have special cleaning formulas and processes that ordinary cleaning appliance cannot match. They can also provide anti-allergen solutions to help prevent these bugs and mites from multiplying. Ways to Prevent Allergies at Home After the annual deep cleaning task, maintain these habits to minimize growth of allergens:Keep pets away from natural upholstery and carpeted areas. If this is unavoidable, call upholstery and carpet cleaning service experts to clean these areas on a regular basis throughout the year. Immediately vacuum and clean any dirt, spills, or stains on your upholstery or carpeting. Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture weekly to lessen the buildup of dust and mites. Make it a point to have a yearly general carpet and upholstery cleaning service done by reputable cleaning experts.Allergens that cause asthma and allergies are practically everywhere, especially during spring. However, you cannot control the air you inhale outdoors. You can only take control of the quality and cleanliness of air indoors. Cleaning sofa  and carpet will keep your household allergy- and asthma free. You do not have to eliminate carpet and upholstery. These are still the best flooring and furniture for style and convenience. Contact the professional cleaners within your area so you can have healthy and clean air in your home.    

What to Do When a Couch is Too Big to Fit In Your New Jersey Home?

One of the problems of residents living in small spaces face is when their couch is too big to fit in. This has always been a issue not only among homeowners but it is also a problem encountered by interior design contractors, and of course, by movers as well. A situation like this is not a problem without a solution. Having a small apartment or a small room in New Jersey does not mean you cannot have an oversized couch. Hey, it’s your long-term cozy comfort at stake. You want a huge couch? Go ahead. But what about your other furniture? When having one large furniture, you may have to forgo maintaining the others. There are two facets to this problem. First is the issue of the couch being too big to fit through the door. Second is the issue of wanting an oversize couch in a room that’s too small to contain several furniture but still, you want to keep it. You don’t have to give up your favorite sofa. Here are solutions: Sofa Too Big to Fit Through the Door If you know you are moving to a place where you think your couch is too big to fit into the doorway, you can plan ahead. Your best solution is to have it disassembled. Look for a furniture disassembly & reassembly service near you. With this solution, home movers will not have a hard time figuring out what to do with your oversize couch. Hiring professionals to do the job will allow you to have a peace of mind, knowing  that soon enough, your favorite sofa will be with you in your new room without any damage or stress. A Sofa Too Big to Fit a Room When you want a really big sofa in your living room or studio but you only have space for one large furniture, there’s a simple solution. Have a double duty furniture. You can have a customized couch that can double as a storage compartment. Contemplate on the furniture you can do away with and see if this can be integrated into your sofa design. The professional upholsterer will give the best recommendations on this project. You can also have your sofa deconstructed and redesigned into sectionals if it is really huge. Here is an example of a sectional couch that needs to fit in a small room.  After some tweaks by the furniture doctor, it was transformed into a three-seater sofa. Whatever was left was made into an armless chair.  So you see, if it fits, it sits. If you really want your sofa,  there is always a solution. Having a furniture disassembled for moving or having it redesigned is far more economical than throwing an oversize sofa an buying a new one. Even if it is an old one, you can still keep it. You will also do the environment a favor by lessening the trash if you opt to bring your still functional sofa with you and just have it reupholstered instead.

Why Do I Need To Call Furniture Disassembly and Assembly Service in New York?

So you may have heard of the furniture disassembly and assembly service perhaps from a colleague or from someone who recently moved. What is this service exactly and why should you need it?  There are several reasons for doing so; and if you own a sofa or an oversized furniture, read up. You may need this information soon. Moving or Relocating to Another PlaceWhen you plan to move to another home or even to another room or office in the New York counties, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Washington DC, you will need an extra hand to help you with your furniture sets. One of the main concerns is that an oversized furniture may not fit through the door or the hallway.  Would you be the one to take apart these beds and couches?  This definitely calls for professionals to do the disassembly job to save you time and energy. There are other tasks at hand that need you attention more. Buying a New Large Furniture So, you’ve seen a lovely but gigantic couch at a showroom. You know you want it. No, you NEED it to be in your room because it is the perfect style you’ve wanted all along.  Not only that. It is on sale! BUT… how in the world will it fit through the narrow hallway, staircase, or door? This should not be a problem because the solution is available – furniture disassembly and assembly VIDEO. You just have to call someone who knows how to do the job well. They will perform the disassembly, deliver the couch to your place, and assemble the furniture just as you have seen it in the showroom. Selling Your Oversized Furniture When you need to sell your used furniture or sofa for whatever reason, it needs to get through your door, down the hall, and to the buyer. No need to wait too long to decide. Worst case, the potential buyer backs out if this issue could not be solved at once. You will want the buyer to receive your item in the best condition possible. Disassembly and assembly of furniture can be expertly done. Call the upholstery service near you, or if you are in New York, Dr.Sofa is your best choice.What types of furniture can be disassembled? Practically, all types of furniture can benefit from disassembly / assembly service. If the furniture piece was made through the process of carpentry and upholstery work, it was assembled and can be taken apart if needed. These include the following:Sofa / couch Wing chair Oversized chairs Large arm chairs Headboards Bar counters Custom sofa Sofa bedsThere are other types of furniture that can use this service. It would be best to talk to the professionals about it. This way, they can provide the recommendation needed as well as give information regarding the process to be done. Get a quotation based on the location and extent of the job needed. If you have other pressing concerns, this is the time to ask them before moving the sets. To have peace of mind, only trust the experts to handle the job.

S.O.S. (Sex On Sofa) and Other Things That Damage Your Upholstery

Sex on the sofa? Well, you can see several things that is wrong in this picture.  Read on. A furniture so loved such as the living room couch can last long enough until that day you need to call for upholstery repair.  What happened? You have to accept that not all good things can last, but unlike a broken vase, furniture can be repaired. Fact is, things don’t last forever. Even high quality sofa can take some beating to a certain point where it breaks down. Investing on an excellent furniture is a wise decision. It turns any plain room into a more stylish one. However some activities can ruin the sofa faster and will require you to call for an upholstery repair in due time. Spot on Sofa Abuse Just like a favorite chair in the dining room, we tend to have a favorite sitting spot. It provided you as a better view of the TV or an easier access to the food source. Whatever the reason is, sitting on the same area of the sofa can damage your sofa faster than expected.  If you want your upholstered sofa to last longer, rearrange your chairs occasionally. Shoes on Sofa Sitting or even standing on the sofa with shoes on will definitely takes its toll on the upholstery. Sometimes, people, especially children (or childish folks) would put up their feet on the couch causing not only soiling of the upholstery, but also damaging it in the process. If this happens, remind people to remove their shoes if they are to put up their feet on the couch. Discourage kids to jump on it as well. This will prevent accidents and damages to your favorite couch. If your activities need a special type of couch, consider having a custom made sofa instead. Sleeping on Sofa It is sometimes inevitable to doze off while watching TV especially if you come home tired from a hard day’s work or a trip. If you have to do this regularly, consider getting a sofa bed instead. Sleeping on this favorite chair too often can cause the cushions, upholstery, and frame to sag and deteriorate faster. Not all couches are designed for sleeping, or even sexual activities for that matter. If you begin to notice yourself or someone dozing off, better head to the bedroom real quick. Sharp Objects on Sofa Nothing can damage upholstery faster than direct contact with sharp objects such as pens, pencils, keys, scissors, fork, knives, and yes, even stiletto heels. Prevent upholstery accidents by doing art or craft projects in a designated table or a proper area in the house. If you have to eat with a fork and a knife at the living room where your couch is, leave the utensils on a plate and have a table nearby where you can place them on standby. As I’ve mentioned earlier, no matter how careful you are, in time, upholstery will definitely show signs of wear and tear. You don’t need to throw your favorite lounging furniture away immediately. Call a professional upholsterer to assess the condition of your couch. Maybe all it needs is a reupholstery service to make your couch look new again.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having a Custom Sofa in Your NYC Apartment

While planning your home interiors, you may have thought about choosing between ready-made and a custom sofa. Come to think of it. Your couch will be your daily source of comfort and go-to rest area from a tiring day. If you are to spend on one major furniture, why not consider having a custom made sofa? Here are considerations to think about: It is Made to Fit Perfectly No matter what the shape your room is, you can always fit in a custom-made sofa to suit your lounging and aesthetic needs. There are dozens of couch designs and sizes in a furniture showroom; however, none may satisfy that x-factor you are looking for. If this is the case, call a dependable upholstery shop to fabricate that perfectly shaped sofa with specifications for your intended room. Comfort knows no compromise. It Reflects Your Personality When it comes to decorating your home, you are the boss. You can choose the elements, color, fabric, and unique characteristics that exude your personality. Come to think of it. Your style is individual. What better way is there to display it than to have a cozy custom sofa that matches your own aura? You don’t have to be limited to the available options in the furniture showroom. The stocks and displays may be extensive. It doesn’t matter. Style is a priority, it is not you who should adjust to the furniture. Unique Design Inspired by a certain color or style of an artwork you have seen somewhere? Probably, you have a design in your head that you have wanted to see materialized. You can bring that inspiration inside your home. The same is true if you wish to recreate an exotic sofa design that you have seen in a land far away or from an ancestral home. The design may not be available from your local sofa dealers, but professional upholstery makers can definitely make that idea a reality through furniture redesign and fabrication services in New York City. Professionally Made Custom Sofas are High-quality Many discriminating clients and upholstered furniture enthusiasts turn to custom-made furniture.The main reason goes beyond the uniqueness of designs. They seek the higher level of artisanship shown through the quality found only in custom upholstered furniture. If you intend to have your furniture serve you for many years, choose to go custom, where you can choose the best wood, materials, upholstery textile, and of course the best upholstery service around. Can Serve Multiple Functions With the rising popularity of tiny houses and small-space living, the next need comes in the form of multipurpose furniture. A custom sofa can transform and function as a bed and a storage compartment. This innovative move in interior design is achieved only through customization. Now that you have seen the potentials of custom made furniture, hence, you can now start your hunt for the best design ideas. You should now contact a professional upholsterer to seek expert advice. Finally, have them visit your place for an on-site consultation as well as to do the necessary measurements.

Help! The Couch is Too Big to Fit in my Manhattan Apartment

One major dilemma faced by big couch owners, particularly when moving furniture to a new home, is having a couch that’s too big to fit through the doorway, a narrow staircase, or a hallway. Sometimes, the sofa is too large for a small room. No matter what angle you carry the furniture or however way you push it, it just wouldn’t work! This is a common problem faced by those relocating from a large house to a smaller apartment of condominium unit in the city. You are ready to move in but you also realized that favorite couch won’t fit. Perhaps you fell in love with sofa you saw at a sale or an auction, but you know that it is too big for the room or too large to pass through hallway. Do not worry. There are several solutions for this. Find another entry way Try finding a window large enough as an entry point. This may require the special equipment such as a truck and a crane to hoist it through the balcony or a large window. If your room is at a floor several stories high, you may rethink and opt for another solution. If you have tried all the alternative entry points and nothing works, you definitely need to call the professionals; otherwise, your furniture may suffer a costly damage. Remove door hinges If you only need a few inches of leeway for your incoming furniture, perhaps you may just need to remove the door from its hinges. You may need extra help with this task, especially if your door is made of heavy wood or material. Couch Disassembly and Reassembly Furniture disassembly and reassembly is the most practical solution for accommodating oversized couches.  This is done to both residential and commercial establishments. Many find it more practical than buying brand new furniture. Seek professionals who can provide onsite service to preserve the integrity of your furniture. This service also applies beds, headboards, armoires, love seats, pool tables, and just about any oversized furniture you can think of. Ideally, prior to finally moving to another room or place, you should measure the furniture to be moved. Also consider the entry points as well as the room that will contain the set or piece of furniture. To prevent unnecessary inconvenience, call the experts for recommendations. They will be the ones to professionally disassemble your furniture, move them to the new destination, and assemble it to fit the new room. If necessary, a large couch can also be remodeled into smaller pieces of furniture. In relation to this service, it will also save you a lot of time if you can have one company that can do the sofa disassembly, assembly, furniture moving. Trust only experts to do this job. A professional upholstery company in Manhattan will also recommend if an old or used furniture is still durable enough for cutting or remodeling. If not, then perhaps it would be best to have a custom-made furniture instead.

2 Important Things to Know Before Cleaning Your Upholstery in NYC

Cleaning upholstery stains is such an annoying task, but it cannot be ignored. If you let the stain stay there longer, the damage caused by the stain will worsen. No matter how careful we are, accidents resulting to stains will happen, and so we must be aware of the upholstery cleaning techniques. If the material is fabric, blot the spill immediately with a clean cloth or paper towel. Before you get the cleaning chemicals, there are two major factors to consider: the upholstery codes and the upholstery material.  Knowing these two factors will help you determine the type of upholstery cleaner and method you will use. Each type of upholstery fabric or material has its specific cleaning instructions. You have to know these details to avoid ruining the material. If it’s a delicate item or if you are unsure, it would be best to call a professional sofa cleaning service. Check the Upholstery Cleaning Codes Upholstery makers attach tags discretely placed in a hidden part of the furniture. This tag contains a guide to help you know what type of method to use. S = Solvent. Use only upholstery cleansing solvents. Dry cleaning preferred W = Water. You can use water with or without mild soap. SW = Solvent or Water. You may use water or upholstery cleansing solvents. D – Dry clean only. Call a professional upholstery cleaning service. X = Vacuum or brush only to clean.   Different Upholstery Materials Have Different Cleaning Requirements Code S Upholstery In this Code S category is assigned to natural fibers such as cotton, damask, denim, linen, rayon, silk, wool, silk, etc. Clean these fabrics using solvent-based cleaners. For general cleaning, use a soft brush to loosen up the dust and dirt on the surface. Follow up with a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush attachment to remove further remove the other dirt particles. Include the folds, corners, and crevices. To spot-clean dirty areas, you should test the solvent in a hidden portion of the upholstery to see how the solvent reacts to the fabric. When all is safe, apply the cleaning solution on the soiled spot and blot with a clean portion of a cloth each time you dab to avoid reapplying the dirt on the cleaned area. Code W Upholstery Code W is assigned to man-made fabrics including acetate, polyester, herculon, olefin, and nylon. Used only water-based  solutions for these fabrics. You may use a mild dishwashing detergent or a water-based upholstery cleaner. Create foam or suds by agitating a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid dissolved in a cup of water. Use the foam to spot-clean the soiled area. Remember not to over-wet the area. Dab the stained part with an unused portion of the cloth for each repeat and allow to dry before using the furniture.For upholstery with SW code, you can use either of the methods mentioned above. If the stain is too stubborn to remove, it would be best to call a professional upholstery cleaning service in New York City.

8 Excellent Upholstered Furniture Makeover Ideas for Your New York Home

Used upholstered furniture can still look awesome again after an upholstery makeover. Garage sales, thrift stores, and hand-me-downs are great sources of cheap, if not free, furniture. Old furniture with sturdy frame offers so many possibilities. You can restore it in a style that fits your interiors or your personality. Restoring outdated chairs, couches, ottomans, and other upholstery can do so much to freshen up the look of a room. Check out these upholstery makeover ideas.   1. Eclectic Quilt StyleGive an old wing chair a modern yet cozy look with a quilt style upholstery. You can work around a monotone look or a theme. Try florals, geometrics, or even plain bold colors. It will definitely be a statement piece in any room. 2. Mix and MatchDifferent upholstery colors, materials, and different designs of upholstered furniture can still go together well as long as the colors blend nicely. Plain colors that complement each other create an interesting mix of styles of furniture that serve similar functions. 3. Timeless Classical BeautyOnce in a while, you can chance upon classic pieces like these. Often they may be lone and neglected chairs needing cleaning, revarnishing, and reupholstery. When done well, this can be a nice conversational piece or it can be added to other chairs of similar style. 4. Go MonochromaticSimple and monochromatic does not have to be boring. Experiment on patterns, textures and shades to achieve a sophisticated look using a single interesting furniture against a blank wall together with another design element in the corner of a room. 5. You’ll never go wrong with excellent wood.Chairs with hardwood frames are durable, beautiful, and timeless. These can go with practically any type of upholstery. Bring out the natural beauty of the wood by using wood stain or varnish. 6. Freshen up the set with a new bold color.As the seasons change, so can your upholstery colors. Your once neglected space will keep getting second looks again if you change your upholstery covers or fabrics with a new bold color. 7. Go Retro on Your Upholstered FurnitureImmortalize that distinct retro appeal brought about by striking modern patterns on black leather to complete a 60s pop art style in a dark background. 8. Golden TouchGo baroque-inspired by painting the frame of a chair with ornate carvings in gold. Used as an accent piece or done tastefully, the addition of a furniture with a golden shimmer can add a touch of old-world class to any room. There are so many style opportunities to explore with these functional pieces of upholstered furniture. You will never look at used furniture the same way again. Just remember to check the stability of the chair or couch to know the extent of repair, if any, to be done. If unsure of your upholstery skills, do not hesitate to find a reupholstery service near you. If you are in the areas of N.Y. NJ ,DC, Boston ,LA , or Chicago, Dr. Sofa is there to help you with your furniture issues. The upholsterers will be able to assess the extent of work and cost of repair needed to make that old chair look new again. Choose wisely. The remodeled furniture may stay with you for years to come.