furniture’s delivered for the holidays which cannot fit in ?

Holidays are around the corner , you all excited to have your new furniture’s to be delivered . You are seating patiently waiting , and here it come , after long waiting , your running down the stairs to delivery  guys and OPPPSSS , they look at you and don’t know how to tell you , Mam , your furniture’s don’t fit ? you are crying , ask them what can we do about it ? No worries , the Dr. here ! Have you wondered how to measure your sofa before the big move? Before you buy a new sofa you’ll need to be sure the sofa is not too big to fit in your home. Included in this, you’ll need to take it through the tight stairwells and the passage way to the apartment so you can put the sofa into the chosen room. We come to your rescue and provide a variety of furniture repairs, pool table disassembly, and chaise lounge knock downs. Our procedures and products are of high quality to ensure that our furniture and upholstery repairs are permanent; we can return the appearance of your furniture to excellent condition. Our Trained excellent service technicians. Our trained technicians are competent and equipped to handle entertainment unit dismantling, dresser and bookshelf take apart.  Each of our technicians has the supplies needed to provide instant on-site and in-home wood repair touch ups. We provide emergency services around the clock  for  disassembly assembly reassembly, take apart, knock down, break down, dismantling, assembling and disassembling. We at Dr. Sofa can service your furniture needs. Our service is one that will be memorable including cut-rate, snappy service and professionalism. Covering the 5 boroughs, NJ, CT, Boston and DC, we offer the best prices and guarantee our work. Dr. Sofa offers same day, twenty-four hour, emergency service for take apart for: sofa, sofa bed, sleeper, couch, loveseat, chairs, ottoman, sectional, chaise, Murphy bed, daybed, wall unit, entertainment centers, armoire, beds, and office furniture. furniture disassembly emergency service

Get ready for the holidays by preparing your furnitures

   New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting events of the year – it finishes off one year, while at the same time respecting another one. Loved ones assemble to watch the celebrated around the world ball drop in NYC’s Times Square, more often than not in the solace of a friend or family member’s home. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are the one facilitating the current year’s New Year’s Eve party, you’re arranging and prepare for the occasion starts much sooner than December 31. Between sustenance, refreshments, and stylistic theme, there’s a considerable measure to anticipate! Be that as it may, it’s imperative not to disregard other critical components of your New Year’s Eve bash: your furniture. Nobody needs to welcome in another year sitting on worn out, recolored, or tired-looking furniture. Not just will repairing your furniture have in it tip-beat shape for your New Year’s Eve party, it will likewise set the tone for the entire year ahead! Furniture Repair This is the ideal opportunity to contact local furniture repair experts in NYC, and make the little repairs on your furniture that you’ve been putting off all year. Why convey the current year’s little aggravations into another year? Little home upgrades, for example, a minor couch repair to settle those unattractive scratches or strengthen any flimsy joints will have a major effect over the long haul. Dealing with little issues at the earliest opportunity keeps them from transforming into more serious issues later on. Kick 2016 off on a positive note by repairing your furniture!Reupholstery The possibility of another year and a clear slate infers expressions, for example, reestablishment, resolutions, and restoration. While many individuals think about these things with respect to their own lives, why not have any significant bearing these same suppositions to your home’s stylistic theme? An awesome approach to do this is by reupholstering your furniture. A similar couch repair experts who retouched your furniture would be happy to reupholster it too! Changing the material or example of the texture covering your furniture is an incredible approach to inhale new life into it, perhaps adding years to its life. What’s more, reupholstering larges household items, for example, you’re lounge couch, can be the way to changing the whole atmosphere of a room. What better approach to begin off another year than by invigorating your home’s inside outline?

sofa too big to fit in ? Dr.Sofa is in !

Sofa Too big to fit in  The Dr. is in! As you all know by now, I ordered a Chesterfield Sofa from England. Well, about a week ago I received notice that it had arrived at the port of call in Secaucus NJ. Getting a sofa out of customs is no easy task. I had to go to Newark NJ to the Customs and Borders office. That was actually painless. I took the NJ transit train to Newark which only took fifteen minutes. The CBP office was only two blocks from the station and there were no lines at all! The big scare for me was the call to Dr. Sofa! Most apartments in my building are pretty big. They have great big living areas, high ceilings and different configurations. The elevator however was made for dwarfs. Seriously, getting any large piece of furniture up to my apartment is a chore. The stairwell is pretty wide, but the door leading into the stairs is too low to allow for larger pieces either. The only answer is to take apart your furniture or order sectionals. I knew I wanted the Chesterfield, but at 8 feet long , I also knew it was not going to fit into the elevators or the stairs. That is where Dr. Sofa comes in. I had heard of Dr. Sofa before, but I did a lot of research prior to calling. The reviews on Yelp, citysearch and other sites were almost all positive. They all said pretty much the same thing. Dr Sofa works miracles, but dont watch them take apart the sofa…its pretty upsetting! Well, I made the call and I have to tell you they were professional from beginning to end. The office staff were very reassuring. I had to drop off the stamped customs letter so they could pick it up at the port, so I went to their offices in the Bronx. They were hidden away on 134th street, but I managed to find them thanks to my GPS and knowing the area a bit. Everyone was terrific there and they even said they do many Chesterfields so I should not worry. Today, my sofa was picked up at the port. They disassembled it there, so when they arrived at my place, it was already apart. That saved me the agita of watching them destroy it! Neil and Mario were incredible. I had actually read about how nice and professional Mario was on the reviews, and indeed he was. Neil was also a pro and very nice as well. They brought up the sofa in two pieces and began the tedious task of putting it back together. A Chesterfield has brass tacks all around the arms, back and bottom of the sofa. Mario and Neil had to put them in one by one! Mario did the nailing while poor Neil had the boring task of straightening out hundreds of tacks which were bent when they were removed from the sofa. The process took about 90 minutes and the end result was fantastic. The sofa is as beautiful as I had hoped and Dr. Sofa did a great job. A big thanks to Mario and Neil and everyone at Dr. Sofa. This a Dr’s visit that anyone can look forward too   …