Lounge Sofas

It takes a lot to run a successful restaurant, and customers pay attention to a lot of things. You need great food, great service, and fair prices, for starters. But you also need to ensure that your restaurant furniture looks its best. Nobody will be impressed if your furniture is worn, dirty, and damaged, and it will hurt your reputation. It’s great to give customers lounge sofas to get comfortable on for cocktails or even a casual meal, but if they look like they were upholstered in the seventies then you’re doing yourself and your business a great disservice. But you don’t have to buy a dozen brand new lounge sofas and spend your entire monthly budget. Instead, you can find a reputable company to reupholster and upholster your restaurant furniture. You’ll end up with furniture that looks brand new but for a fraction of the cost of brand new furniture, leaving you more cash for other issues.


Banquets often involve the simplest furniture – tables with fresh linens and a set number of chairs around each of them. But if your chairs are less than attractive, your guests will notice. Whether you need to have the upholstery replaced or utilize a fabric slip cover to give them a unique look, taking the time to ensure that the chairs and other banquet furniture. It’s a simple enough matter to replace upholstery or repair damaged areas, and the professionals will make short work of the job and give you results you can be proud of. Your guests will be impressed and your banquets will have the elegant, sophisticated look that you want them to have. You don’t have to spend a fortune buying new furniture or replacing your old when you can turn to reupholstery experts and take care of the problem quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

Built-in Benches

Many restaurants use built-in benches to give their patrons seating. It’s one of the most efficient ways to do so, but the problem is that they’re not really easily replaceable. That means that you’ll have to take the time to hire reupholstering services to keep your built-in benches looking great. It’s a very simple solution and in the case of built-in benches it’s usually the only one you’ll have. Whether they’re stained, damaged, or just don’t match your new décor, you’ll find that reupholstering is a simple and cost effective method of keeping all of your restaurant furniture looking its best. The old upholstery will be stripped off the benches, any damage to the frames will be dealt with, and then the new upholstery material will be stretched over the seats, leaving you with a bench that looks better than it probably has in several years – all without costing you an arm and a leg.


If your restaurant is like most out there, it’s probably got a bar. And if it has a bar, it’s got stools. The upholstery on bar stools should complement the design and décor of the restaurant first and foremost, but it should be comfortable as well. A furniture upholstery business will ensure that your stools have the right cushioning for comfort and that they look great. Bar stools can usually be reupholstered quickly and efficiently, and it’s possible for an experienced upholstery team to do an entire set in a few hours depending on the style of the stools. If you’re redoing a bar or have just noticed that those at the bar have seen better days, it’s a lot easier to refinish, repair, and reupholster them than it is to completely replace them. Not only is it easier, but it’s usually much cheaper as well.


Most people hear the term restaurant furniture and think of tables and chairs, but some upscale establishments or those that have sitting areas, lounges, or bars also have much more. An ottoman or two can give a lounge a sophistication all its own. But its location in a business means that it will probably see more abuse than one in a private residence, which means that the need to upholster it will probably arise more often than most realize. It’s a delicate procedure but one that most professionals can handle without much trouble to strip away old upholstery, repair damage to the frame or cushioning, and then refit the ottoman with brand new upholstery. Whether it’s leather, suede, canvas, cotton, or any other type of fabric, a simple upholstery job can breathe new life into your lounge’s ottomans and save you a bit of cash in the process.


More than any other item except for the tables, the chairs in a restaurant see the most use and abuse. While a table can be sanded and refinished in extreme cases and cleaned relatively easily, spills and stains can be hard to manage on the upholstery of chairs. Luckily, skilled professionals can reupholster a chair quickly and for much less than it would cost you to purchase a new one. When you’re facing the need to update dozens of chairs, finding the cheapest and best method is certainly of the utmost importance. If your restaurant is going through renovations, updating the furniture shouldn’t be ignored since it’s going to get plenty of use as well. Instead of spending a fortune buying all new furniture, take a look at what some simple reupholstering can do for your restaurant furniture. You’ll probably be more than pleased with the results and the price.