Doctor Office Upholstery

Doctor Offices & Hospital Furniture Reupholstery/Upholstery – Comfort and Appearance

Exam Tables

When people visit a doctor’s office or hospital the last thing on their minds is usually the furniture that they’re sitting on or laying down on for an exam. But the truth is that if that furniture was in disarray, with tears and stains covering it, most would take notice quickly and start to have concerns about the quality of the health care they’ll be receiving. It makes sense – would you trust a doctor whose office furniture looked like it was pulled out of a dumpster? Exam tables are just one example. Some of these are padded for the most possible comfort, and they can also be rather expensive. As a result, having them upholstered or reupholstered is often an issue that comes up. It’s cheaper than replacing them and will ensure that any patient who climbs onto the exam table isn’t worried about getting a disease from the stains and scratches covering the surface.

Dentist Table/Chairs

A visit to the dentist is another perfect example of where upholstery can be used. A patient will be spending a good bit of time in dentist table chairs, which means that they deserve to be as comfortable as possible. The last thing that they want is a broken spring poking their back or a deep cut in the chair to be right under their hand or leg. Reupholstering professional, high quality dentist table chairs is the best option for you because it allows you the chance to give your chairs a new look without spending a fortune replacing them outright. Most upholstering jobs can be done within a day, meaning that you don’t have to close up shop completely to make room for the workers who are managing your reupholstery. It’s a good option and one that you shouldn’t ignore if your dentist table chairs are looking under the weather.

Waiting Area Seating

The waiting area of a doctor office or hospital is where most patients end up spending the majority of their visit, like it or not. And while there’s often no way to speed up the process of seeing all the patients, there’s no need for them to be left waiting in a waiting area that is in poor condition. Waiting area seating should be comfortable and clean, and if the chairs or benches start to look rough then patients will likely start to doubt the care they’ll be receiving. Instead of completely replacing the dozens of waiting area seats, most agree that reupholstering is a much easier and more affordable option. It ends with the exact same results but doesn’t require as much of an investment. Whether the seats are stained, scuffed, or just old and faded, it’s easy to get them back in top form.

Massage Table

Massage tables are possibly the most important type of medically related furniture to keep in good shape. Nobody wants to undress and lay on a nasty, damaged massage table when they’re getting their massage. The leather is designed to be easily cleaned and maintained, but eventually all massage tables will meet the end of their life span. Whether it’s getting uncomfortable or just starting to look a little worse for wear, upholstery experts can replace the padding and the leather covering and ensure that all your massage clients enjoy their treatments. There’s no need to buy another expensive massage table when you can justreupholster the one you’ve been using. It saves you a huge amount of money and provides results that are just as good – your table will be as good as new and you won’t have to break the bank. Put simply, reupholstering isn’t just for sofas anymoredroffice