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5 Ideas for Incorporating Industrial Home Design

Industrial design has many features that make it attractive for home décor, and good news – you don’t have to own a trendy loft apartment downtown to pull off this look. Industrial pieces are spare, modern-looking, low-maintenance and sturdy. They blend readily with many other types of décor, and you can add this look to your home fairly inexpensively. But if you’re more concerned with effect than cost, industrial also is a great décor for showcasing innovative custom furniture that borders on modern art. Here are five ideas for incorporating industrial home design. Space Industrial décor is inspired by factories and warehouses, so if you’re going for a true industrial look, you don’t want small, cramped rooms or lots of knickknacks. Industrial is a utilitarian, almost severe look, and large, open spaces are essential to pulling it off successfully. Remove unnecessary furniture and bric a brac from your home; pare the rooms down to their most basic elements. You want only clean, simple lines and lots of empty space. Individual pieces may be strong, but they should blend into the room. No one element should call undue attention to itself; with industrial, you’re going for the overall effect: clean, spare, strong and simple. Light Unobstructed light is a signature element of industrial style. There are few, if any, window treatments with this style, so strip off the drapes and curtains and let the sun shine in through your windows. Unusual light fixtures are common within this style, and may consist of repurposed industrial objects, bare bulbs, warehouse lighting, or the like. Lamp shades are often made of metal, if there are any at all. Metal and Wood Metal is the signature element of Industrial décor – metal railings, frames and fixtures and integral to the style. Metal is often incorporated into Industrial-style furniture, especially as table legs or chair arms. Fabric cushions or pillows are totally unadorned, if they are there at all. If you want to give an existing piece of furniture an Industrial makeover, you can have a furniture pro complete a reupholstery job to add metal legs or arms, remove seat padding altogether, or to make the padding completely plain. While metal is essential to this look, it can give your home a sterile look if you overdo it. You can soften the look by adding blonde woods, muted wall color, and area rugs to your décor. Repurposing The Industrial style is all about repurposing old work objects and giving them a second life in the home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with found objects from flea markets or even junk yards. If you’re handy, and can turn a hub cap into a clock or a wooden crate into a table, so much the better. While a “used” look to metal or wooden objects is desirable, just be sure to give any repurposed cloth objects a professional fabric cleaning before introducing them to your home. Neutrals Industrial is a spare, almost severe look, and this aesthetic expresses itself in stark colors such as white or black, or very muted ones, such as grays, off white or cream. Don’t be afraid to use color, but if you want an authentic look, keep it in the background and use it in combination with neutrals.  

5 Ideas for Decorating Your Basement

If you have a basement that’s essentially a waste of space, why not turn it into something that will enhance your enjoyment of your home – and possibly, the value of the house? A basement renovation/makeover can turn a ‘storage unit’ basement into something really special. And since the basement is often one of the only rooms in the house to have a separate entrance, it’s perfect for a fun hideaway, in-law suite, or party room for entertaining. But before you call for sofa delivery, take a look at these five fab ideas for decorating your basement. Get the most enjoyment possible from your house! The Walls A basement may or may not have windows. If yours does, rejoice, and make the most of this asset by removing all drapes and blinds. If your basement doesn’t have windows, you can still create the illusion of an open, cheerful space by painting the walls a light color, such as white, cream, pale yellow, or a soothing neutral, like sage green or beige. Don’t go with dark paint or paneling in the basement, especially if there are no windows. You can also create the illusion of light and space by installing a large mirror on one or more walls. Lighting There’s nothing worse in a basement than the surreal white glare of florescent lights. If you can, switch out florescent fixtures for a different kind of lighting. If you can, try to light the space with several floor and table lamps, rather than just overhead fixtures. Track lighting, uplighting, and lamp shades that exude a golden glow, will make the space feel as finished as the other rooms in your home. Furniture A basement is an ideal room for all the big, clunky pieces of furniture that might not fit so well in other areas of your home. This is the place for the pinball machine, pool table or gigantic armoire. But if you cringe at the thought of transporting your big pieces from storage, there’s good news: services such as pool table disassembly are available from furniture experts. The company simply disassembles the piece, moves it, and reassembles it wherever you like. If you’re planning to turn your basement into a rec room for teens, or a man cave, it may also be prudent to choose sturdy pieces upholstered in stain-resistant fabrics. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing couch upholstery repair! Flooring Basements are often subject to humidity and other concerns, so it makes sense to choose a sturdy, practical flooring. You’ll want something stain-resistant and easy to clean, like tile, laminated wood, or linoleum. Throw rugs may be a more practical choice than wall to wall carpet, especially if you anticipate high traffic or messy projects. Decor There are lots of ways to make a basement space as finished looking and inviting as the other rooms in your home. Add plants, uplighting, artwork, and statuary. If your basement has one long, bare wall, cover it in a painted mural, or a photo wallpaper scene depicting the ocean, or a peaceful forest glade. If you plan to use the space as a live-in suite, but don’t want to add many rooms, group the furniture in “room” arrangements, dividing areas by placing furniture back to back, in opposite directions.
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