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Learn to repair leather

DIY Leather Repair for Beginners

A damaged leather chair or sofa can sometimes be a simple fix if the problem is slight, like a few minor scratches. Even a minor rip or tear can sometimes be repaired as a DIY project. But when a piece is marred beyond a minor problem, leather repair is best left to the pros. That’s because an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can do more damage than good to an expensive piece of furniture. On the other hand, a furniture pro can perform amazing transformations on a damaged piece – everything from leather recolor to leather restoration. Take a look at these hacks for leather furniture, but keep in mind that you should always test them first on an inconspicuous part of your leather furniture, to make sure that they work well for the type of leather you have. …
Antique and collectible chairs and furniture can be made to look as good as new.

Reupholster Grandma’s Old Furniture, And Watch It Shine like New

If you have the duty to dispose of an elderly relative’s furniture, or if your grandmother gave you her favorite chair (that has seen better days), the temptation is to just throw the furniture out. But don’t. Often, an old or damaged piece of furniture can be transformed with a simple cleaning and repair. And a reupholstery job can sometimes be nothing short of magic. A Shaker chair with a missing slat can be easily fixed, and the piece would fit seamlessly into Early American, retro, country, western and even modern decors. A moth-eaten Victorian couch can come back as Boho chic with a bold floral pattern upholstery. Repairing and reupholstering a piece often costs less than buying a brand new piece. Antique furniture is almost always more interesting than mass produced alternatives — and the antique might even turn out to be valuable! …
Take the right steps when disassembling a fouton or couch

How to Assemble & Disassemble a Futon or Couch

A futon is a hybrid piece of furniture that can be used in the daytime as a sofa, and at night as a simple bed, because it easily folds flat. It’s a nice piece of furniture to own, because if you don’t have a guest room, you can unfold the futon in the den for your overnight visitors. A futon is also easy to assemble/disassemble in a move. It’s relatively lightweight and has simple components that can be taken apart with a wrench and pliers. This makes a futon distinctly different from other heavier pieces of furniture that are best moved by professionals who know how to properly disassemble pool tables, book cases or couches.  A futon can be disassembled into small pieces and easily transported with minimal risk of damage (or injury.) …
Be sure to select the right appliances for your small living space.

Custom Made Furniture Ideas for Tiny Living

You’ve probably seen them on social media, the Internet, or on TV shows like “Tiny House Nation” – small, fabulous homes that are mean, green and energy efficient. Tiny homes are touted as being affordable, earth-friendly, and some are even off the grid. If you don’t have a down payment for a condo or a suburban house, you may well be able to swing a more affordable tiny home. If you need to live in town, but can only afford a studio apartment, you fall in this “tiny living” category as well. Tiny living spurs new entrepreneurs in many areas: some companies make elegant homes out of railroad cars, others manufacture small, modular homes, and others produce furniture custom made for small apartments and tiny houses. …
This furniture might be too old for a DIY fix

When to Junk Furniture & When to do Furniture Repair

When your furniture becomes damaged, the temptation is to either try to fix it yourself, or to throw your hands up in despair and assume the piece is beyond repair. Sometimes those responses can be correct, but it’s critical to know when you can fix it yourself, and when it’s just too far gone for home remedies. Home furniture repair can be effective if the damage is slight, but if you attempt to make a big fix at home, you can ruin a valuable piece.  Here are some tips to help you determine which furniture disasters are DIY fixes, and which need professional help. …

Light Up a Room with Custom-Made Furniture

Nothing is more depressing than a dark, stuffy living room or dining area without sufficient light or air. Of course, no one intentionally makes his or her home look lifeless and dreary, but poor design and thoughtless furniture choices can create this rather unfortunate effect. Lots of bad decisions can make a space look gloomy: for example, a room without windows, such as a basement, can feel like a basic storage unit if there aren’t enough light fixtures or free-standing lamps to brighten it up. Heavy curtains or a large piece of furniture blocking the window can cut off the light in any room, and dark walls and floors or dark furniture that look elegant in a showroom can also serve to create a heavy, somber mood at home. …
Pool area and outdoor furniture

Furniture Redesign for Your Boat or Pool Area

Summer is quickly approaching, and warmer temperatures may have you looking at your outdoor space and what can be done to spruce it up. A backyard patio or deck can be a great place to hold your next summer get together or host family cookouts, and a simple furniture redesign project can revamp a previously neglected pool or boat area to create a beautiful gathering space. …
Fancy furniture redesign by Dr. Sofa

Impress Your Next Guest with Furniture Redesign on a Budget

Have you been hesitant to have guests over to your home because you’ve been embarrassed about your old, outdated furniture? Many people feel the same way, but you don’t have to let furniture pieces that have seen better days control your social life. A simple furniture redesign project can improve the look of your furniture, and in turn, your entire home, so you’ll be proud to show it off to future guests. …
Structural Furniture Repair

How Furniture Repair Affects Its Value: Structural vs. Cosmetic

From sofa to armchair repair services, making a change to a furniture piece can affect its value. By identifying the types of repairs that might change the value of a furniture piece, you can decide whether to pursue a repair or restoration. …
This is one way to move small furniture!

Common Limitations to Furniture Assembly/Disassembly

Whether it is time to move or you are hoping to rearrange your furniture pieces, the assembly and disassembly of furniture may be the only way to get your items to their new and desired location. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of trying to assemble and disassemble expensive furniture pieces that aren’t designed to be taken apart, and this could lead to permanent damage of the item. While some furniture brands like IKEA are designed for simple assembly and disassembly, nicer pieces will require the experience of a trained professional. Identifying the Type of Furniture If you are considering assembling or disassembling a large piece of furniture to move it into a smaller location, it is important to first take the step to identify the type of item that needs to be moved. If it is simply an IKEA piece, which is meant to be taken apart and put back together, you may be able to assemble and disassemble the item by yourself without any issues. In fact, all sorts of videos exist about IKEA furniture assembly, providing tips and advice on how to best assemble these pieces after you bring them home. Keep in mind, this can be a lengthy process. Nicer furniture pieces that are not specifically designed to be taken apart will be more difficult to disassemble. These items are generally usually glued and doweled together, so there may be no method in place to disassemble them if you are hoping to move the item from one location to another. If you attempt one of these projects on your own, you will likely encounter a variety of problems, and there are numerous websites with stories about furniture assembly and disassembly gone wrong. Resources Needed for Furniture Assembly/Disassembly Before you take on a furniture project on your own, you should also consider the resources needed to complete this task: Time: Disassembling furniture and putting it back together can be a very time intensive process, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. This may involve you taking time off work or spending your weekend on your furniture project rather than having fun with your friends and family. Space: Taking apart or putting together a furniture item generally requires a large amount of room, so if you live in a small apartment, you might not have the space requirement to get the job done. This is especially true with sofa and couch disassembly or when moving office furniture. Labor: Furniture assembly and disassembly often requires heavy lifting, so if you are unable to lift these items on your own you will need to call in reinforcements for assistance. Bed disassembly is often especially challenging, as large bed frames and heavy headboards may require multiple people to move. Money: While working on your furniture item, you may find that you need certain tools to finish the job. If you don’t have them, this could lead to an expensive trip to your local hardware store. When You Should Call in a Professional There are a variety of scenarios where it makes sense to call in a professional for your furniture assembly, disassembly, and moving needs. Custom pieces, like custom bed frame assembly or take apart services, should be left to a professional with expertise in how to safely disassemble these items. Sofa and couch disassembly should also be left to the professionals, as great care is needed to safely take these pieces apart, transport them without damage, and put them back together to restore the original function and appearance.
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