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Reupholstered Armchair

Repair that Old Armchair Before Scrapping It

If you have an old armchair you’ve been eyeing for the trash dumpster, take a moment to consider your options before pitching it.  Armchairs are sometimes like a pair of shoes: they take some time to break in but once you’ve made them “yours” then no other one out there fits you quite as well. Rather than putting the chair at the curb for the trash collector, you might first consider your repair options.  If you’re especially handy, you could probably repair it yourself.  Or you could look to an armchair repair company for help.  …
Dresser Redesign

Bedroom Dresser Redesign Ideas

If your dressers are looking a little bit tired, but you don’t yet have the money to replace them, there are several options available to spruce them up without breaking the bank.  Whether you’re resurfacing them, replacing knobs, or just relining the interior of the drawers there are ways to change the look without going over your budget.  If you wish we offer dresser redesign services to help you achieve the look you’re going for. …
Pool Table

Pool Table Disassembly Cost vs. DIY

Are you planning on moving soon?  Have you decided how you will address the intricacies of taking apart, moving, reassembling, and leveling your table?  While this may be something you are able to do yourself, you should consider hiring an experienced professional who is used to the complexities involved in such an endeavor. …
Upholstered Headboard

Headboard Upholstery – Then & Now

Clothing style is not the only thing to change over the years.  Furniture has undergone its share of changes and adaptations, frequently reflecting the social setting of the time.  If you have an antique piece you may find it interesting to peruse this furniture style timeline and try to place the period in which your item was crafted. …
Custom Ottoman Design

Custom Made Ottomans vs Department Store Furniture

Since at least 1789 when Thomas Jefferson purchased one, ottomans have enjoyed a place of popularity in American homes.  Before that the Europeans found them useful as did the denizens of the Ottoman Empire after which they were named.  Coming in a variety of sizes and even varying shapes they serve multiple purposes and may even be hollow for the purpose of providing storage space.  …
Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Time to Upgrade Your Window Treatments

With fall quickly approaching it’s a great time to upgrade those old window treatments you’ve been looking at all summer long.  A new treatment can quickly and easily transform an old tired-looking window into a beautiful place to sit and watch the leaves turn. …
Fabric UV Protection

The Importance of Fabric UV Protection

If you have had your furniture for any length of time you may have noticed it beginning to fade, especially any pieces that are exposed to sunlight for a significant portion of the day.  Protecting your furniture from ultra violet (“UV”) light is essential if you want to keep it looking good and in good condition.  …
Moving Furniture Isn't Easy - Avoid Damage

Ever Try a Small Furniture Pickup Service?

Have you ever been driving along the highway and seen a mattress lying on the shoulder of the road?  Or perhaps you noted a piece of a chair or a couch cushion?  Whenever you encounter something along those lines there’s a good chance that it had its source in someone moving and trying to pack all their furniture into a truck or other vehicle that wasn’t designed to carry such items. …
Leather Repainting Process

Recolor That Old Leather Couch

If your leather couch has seen better days and you are considering throwing it out take a moment and consider your options first.  Rather than spending all the time going to furniture stores and poring over endless selections online to try to find the style of couch that fits you, why not try to recolor your leather and keep the couch you already know works?  Because recoloring the leather costs less than purchasing an entire new couch this can be a money saving option as well. …
Office Furniture Assembly can be a Daunting Task

Office Furniture Assembly – Handle With Care

If your business is a typical one your office is the face of your business.  It’s where your clients come to meet you, close deals, ask questions, and negotiate new contracts.  It’s where your employees spend nearly half of their waking day.  It is, for many employees, a home away from home. …
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