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Why You Should Seriously Consider Cleaning & Sprucing Up Your Home This Season?

No judgment.  We all know that it’s next to impossible to maintain a sparkling-clean, minty fresh house all day, all the time.  But having said that, there are many compelling reasons to fight the good fight to keep your house clean and in good repair. It’s more comfortable to live in a clean, attractive house.  …

What House Guests Notice In Your Home

Most of us become so accustomed to our own homes that we don’t really see them any more. Or at least, we don’t see them as clearly as our house guests see them. We tend to overlook the familiar. Sometimes it helps to take a clear-eyed, objective inventory of your own home. Look at it the way a stranger would.  What stands out in a good way – and what leaves a less than favorable impression? You might be surprised at the kinds of things your house guests notice in your home. Take a look at this list and see if your home would make a good impression. …

Your Grandparents’ Furniture: How To Salvage It

If you are the lucky recipient of a family heirloom – your grandmother’s sideboard, a 19th-century chifferobe, or a hope chest that belonged to a distant ancestor – congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling to have a piece of your family history in your own home. It’s a meaningful gift from one generation to another and will be a warm reminder of your loved ones. …

When Not To Slipcover

Slipcovers are ideal to protect your furniture from dust if you’ll be away from home for a while. They can be a last-minute lifesaver if you’re expecting a visit from a friend (and her lap dog) or family members with small children. Slipcovers can be a good way to protect furniture, but don’t allow a convenient temporary fix to become permanent. Know when not to slipcover! …
A multipurpose sofa

Incorporating Multipurpose Furniture into Your Home

Whether you’re designing for a small space or just looking for more ergonomic furniture for your home, it’s relatively easy to incorporate multipurpose pierces into any room. The trick is discovering what you need from your furniture and finding some easy ways to incorporate that functionality into the existing layout of your home. Whether you’re looking to add functionality to the living room furniture or the office, there are a few things you can do to plan for multipurpose furniture that you may not have considered: Need more storage? Go for an ottoman. If you need a place to store your pillows and blankets, your living room remotes, your pet’s toys or anything else you don’t want in plain sight in your living room, invest in an ottoman. Chances are, you store a lot of the items previously mentioned on top of your coffee table, causing your home to appear more cluttered and disorganized than it actually is. An ottoman is a simple solution that’s easy to find in stores and doesn’t require you to plan around it. If you plan on placing drinks or food on your ottoman, or just kicking your feet up now and then, consider investing in fabric protection to keep your living room looking great. Is your kid’s room too small? Build up! So much space for activities! Lofted beds free up the space beneath the bed so your kids have more room to grow. If your child desperately wants to play video games on the couch, consider putting a fold-down futon in his or her bedroom so that you can easily convert it to a bed or a couch depending on what you need. Prefer they study rather than lounge? It’s easy to fit a child’s desk beneath a lofted bed or you could find a lofted bed that has a desk already built in. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Consider custom furniture to bring your vision to life. (If you’re concerned about your child rolling out of the lofted bed at night, invest in a bed rail, too!) Convert your end table to a dining room table when you entertain. If you don’t have enough room in your home for a dedicated dining space, consider a convertible end table. The end table has leaves inside it that can stretch to accommodate as many people as you need and can collapse into the corner when you’re finished with it. It easily hold lamps, magazines, keys or whatever else you need in your hallway until you entertain, when you simply pull the end table apart and add in as many leaves as you need to seat your guests. When planning for this switch, remember you’ll need to have a convenient place to store the end table items and an easy place to put chairs when you finish. It’s easy to plan for multipurpose furniture that works harder for your home. Before you invest in a piece, consider your needs and lifestyle in order to get the most out of the form and function of your furnishings.

Transition to a Modern Living Room

Is your home starting to feel a bit … dated? Older furniture, dark colors and dull patterns and textures can make any room in your home look older and less appealing than it actually is. Rather than making the best of what you have, do something about it! You can create a modern living room with only a few simple and affordable steps. The following are tips for bringing your living room back to life: Choose bold paint colors A modern living room starts with the unexpected – a bold yellow wall, a pop of color on the trim, a bright and festive ceiling. You can pick the way that you bring color into your living room based on how you feel. If you’re nervous about choosing a bold color for the entire space, consider painting just one wall or paint the ceiling instead. Pick your colors wisely also so you don’t end up with a home filled with decisions regret. Decide on the colors you like the best, and also consider how you use the room. For example, you shouldn’t paint a living room bright red if you primarily use it to take afternoon naps! Add patterns and textures The use of patterns in your living room decor will instantly make the space feel more alive. You can add patterns in curtains, lamp shades, area rugs, throw pillows, couches, chairs and artwork – the choice is yours! If you really want to commit to a fun and bold pattern, consider having couch upholstery repair on a dated living room sofa – that way you can recycle your furniture, saving you money that you can spend elsewhere. Lighten up If you decide to use bold and bright colors and patterns in your living room, it’s imperative that the room has a lot of natural light coming in. Otherwise, those colors will appear darker and heavier than they’re intended to, making the room feel less modern and more overbearing. You can bring natural light into a room easily by ensuring that curtains or blinds stay up for as long as possible during the day. Also consider adding mirrors on the walls opposite your windows, giving you access to the view outside from any angle and reflecting the light that comes in. Steer clear of trends It can be tempting when investing in reupholstery or paint to go with the latest trend to make your home feel modern, but that just means that in a couple years when that trend is no longer in style, you’ll be itching to redecorate again. Avoid the hassle; go with timeless modern pieces like simple structured furniture, classic-but-bold prints, and unique wall colors. When you mix and match bold prints and bright colors, your living room feels appealing and distinctly modern. Creating a modern living room in your home is easy and affordable if you know where to start. It’s easy to inject the busiest room in your home with fun, bright energy that is sure to have your whole family feeling young again.

What to Take into Consideration Before Moving Into Your Dream House?

How would you describe your dream home? Blue shutters and a red door? A two-story Tudor home? Chances are, when you think of your dream home, a specific look comes to mind. If you’re in the market for a new place and you are lucky enough to be in the market for your dream house, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you get smitten and buy, buy, buy. …

To Repair or Buy New: What to do When Age or Damage Hits Your Furniture?

If you’ve had your furniture for a while, it probably shows significant signs of age. Stains, scuffs, breaks or other damage can be tough for furniture-owners to repair on their own. …

Motivations: What Drives People to Move Away from Home?

If you were born between 1980-1999, you are considered a Millennial. The generation immediately following Generation X, Millennials are known for living at home with their parents well into their 20’s, and in some cases, even 30’s. Whether you’re a member of this generation or not, if the idea of staying at home with your parents for one more second sounds like madness to you, you aren’t alone. A closer look at some of the most common reasons people leave home reveals that there are a wide variety of reasons to strike out on your own. Want to move in with a significant other? Need to be closer to work? Tired of sleeping in the same room you slept in as a kid? …

House Party Gone Wrong: Tips for Cleaning Up

When you hear the words “house party” what are the first images that pop into your head? Probably scenes from classic movies – trashed living rooms, broken picture frames, destroyed windows and doors… If you decided to ignore the cliché offered by countless Hollywood directors and threw a house party anyway, you probably found out quickly that the trashed house cliché is less cliché than it seems. If your home did get demolished by a group of your friends, you can pick up the pieces without having a blockbuster budget. The following are tips for cleaning up the after-party mess after: …
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