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Custom furniture ideas for pet lovers

Where does your pet sleep? According to The Humane Society, more than half of all U.S. households include at least one pet. That’s a lot of dogs and cats! And they all need a place to sleep, especially if they live indoors. Many pet owners buy a good bit more than just a dog couch or a kitty bed, however. …

Keep Life Comfortable with Top-Quality Furniture

You’ve probably heard that you get what you pay for, whether you’re discussing airline fare, professional salon hair care, or home cleaning services. The same tends to be true for the furniture in our personal and professional spaces—and anyone who has spent months slumped in a cheap, uncomfortable office chair knows this all too well. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you need to spend a fortune on couches, chairs, and a bed. We’re just emphasizing the importance of living your life on well-designed furniture that won’t give you a recurring backache or neck pain. Stay comfortable with our great suggestions. …

10 Home Improvement Do’s & Don’ts

If your home is ready for a Spring makeover, but your wallet isn’t, don’t despair. You may not have the cash to bring in contractors and a team of home show designers, but there are still tons of home improvement tricks you can employ to make your home look brand new. The trick is to resist the temptation to go rushing out to the mall. You can get the same effects that you see at the mall showrooms for a fraction of the price if you follow a few clever tips. Here are 10 home improvement do’s and don’ts that will have your neighbors wondering if you hired a professional to redecorate your home! …

5 Tips for Redesigning Your Master Bedroom

Take your master bedroom from drab to fab with a few money-saving tweaks. We’re talking designer looks for thrift store money!   …

Bringing Baby Home – Furniture Safety Tips

Your furniture can be a hazard to your child if the proper safety precautions are not taken. Learn how to baby-proof your furniture for child safety. Tips for nursery safety, plus furniture modifications after your baby learns to crawl. …
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Saving Money On Your First Home: Custom Furniture

Wondering how you’re going to be able to furnish your first home? If you consult a furniture professional, your new look may cost less than you think. …

Kids Moving Out? Time to Rethink Your Home Design

Is your kid moving out? Look on the bright side. That bedroom is going to look better than it has in years, and it’s all yours. As soon as your chick has flown the nest, you can call in the painters. You can move things along by helping your child get his furniture out of the house. If he has a massive wall unit or a honking bed, you can head off requests for help (and a doctor bill) by calling a professional who can disassemble furniture. Better to have someone else take it apart than spend an afternoon in the ER with back spasms!  …

5 Unexpected Problems For Your Move

It’s inevitable; there will always be problems during a stressful time such a move. Moving is in fact one of the most stressful experiences a human being can endure. However, finding constructive ways to move your things both efficiently and safely makes the overall moving experience more enjoyable. …

Extra Costs Involved With Moving Yourself

Some people believe that moving themselves will result in extra money in their pocket. Let’s face it, moving isn’t always cheap. However, with the laundry list of expenses that are associated with moving, it’s important to compare the cost of doing it on your own or hiring furniture professionals to help you do the job. …

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is always a great way to renew your home. Everyone waits for that day when the weather finally breaks and you can open up the windows to let in the fresh air. Cleansing your home during the spring is a good way to bring in the warm weather. It can be challenging to get behind or under some of the larger furniture pieces in your home, which is the only way to really get the dirt out. One way to accomplish the goal might be to have a professional help you with the job. There are furniture professionals that can help you to disassemble your furniture and take it from the room so that you can properly clean the carpets and the areas under the furniture. …
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