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Moving Furniture Isn't Easy - Avoid Damage

Ever Try a Small Furniture Pickup Service?

Have you ever been driving along the highway and seen a mattress lying on the shoulder of the road?  Or perhaps you noted a piece of a chair or a couch cushion?  Whenever you encounter something along those lines there’s a good chance that it had its source in someone moving and trying to pack all their furniture into a truck or other vehicle that wasn’t designed to carry such items. …
Leather Repainting Process

Recolor That Old Leather Couch

If your leather couch has seen better days and you are considering throwing it out take a moment and consider your options first.  Rather than spending all the time going to furniture stores and poring over endless selections online to try to find the style of couch that fits you, why not try to recolor your leather and keep the couch you already know works?  Because recoloring the leather costs less than purchasing an entire new couch this can be a money saving option as well. …
Office Furniture Assembly can be a Daunting Task

Office Furniture Assembly – Handle With Care

If your business is a typical one your office is the face of your business.  It’s where your clients come to meet you, close deals, ask questions, and negotiate new contracts.  It’s where your employees spend nearly half of their waking day.  It is, for many employees, a home away from home. …
Country Living in the Big City

Furniture Redesign Ideas for Country Living

If you long for the countryside but you live in a big city it is sometimes easy to feel hemmed in by your situation.  Endless miles of freeway, crowded sidewalks, the constant drone of traffic, the wail of sirens, and even the scent of the big city can be stifling to someone who longs for a simple life in the country. …
White Leather Sofa to be Disassembled

Why Choose Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

When you are moving furniture there are a number of complications that can arise.  Moving large pieces of furniture poses a risk of injury to yourself and others.  Twisted ankles, crushed fingers, injured backs and of course smashed toes are all common complications that can arise when untrained people try to move extremely heavy and cumbersome furniture.  …
Learn to repair leather

DIY Leather Repair for Beginners

A damaged leather chair or sofa can sometimes be a simple fix if the problem is slight, like a few minor scratches. Even a minor rip or tear can sometimes be repaired as a DIY project. But when a piece is marred beyond a minor problem, leather repair is best left to the pros. That’s because an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can do more damage than good to an expensive piece of furniture. On the other hand, a furniture pro can perform amazing transformations on a damaged piece – everything from leather recolor to leather restoration. Take a look at these hacks for leather furniture, but keep in mind that you should always test them first on an inconspicuous part of your leather furniture, to make sure that they work well for the type of leather you have. …
Antique and collectible chairs and furniture can be made to look as good as new.

Reupholster Grandma’s Old Furniture, And Watch It Shine like New

If you have the duty to dispose of an elderly relative’s furniture, or if your grandmother gave you her favorite chair (that has seen better days), the temptation is to just throw the furniture out. But don’t. Often, an old or damaged piece of furniture can be transformed with a simple cleaning and repair. And a reupholstery job can sometimes be nothing short of magic. A Shaker chair with a missing slat can be easily fixed, and the piece would fit seamlessly into Early American, retro, country, western and even modern decors. A moth-eaten Victorian couch can come back as Boho chic with a bold floral pattern upholstery. Repairing and reupholstering a piece often costs less than buying a brand new piece. Antique furniture is almost always more interesting than mass produced alternatives — and the antique might even turn out to be valuable! …
Take the right steps when disassembling a fouton or couch

How to Assemble & Disassemble a Futon or Couch

A futon is a hybrid piece of furniture that can be used in the daytime as a sofa, and at night as a simple bed, because it easily folds flat. It’s a nice piece of furniture to own, because if you don’t have a guest room, you can unfold the futon in the den for your overnight visitors. A futon is also easy to assemble/disassemble in a move. It’s relatively lightweight and has simple components that can be taken apart with a wrench and pliers. This makes a futon distinctly different from other heavier pieces of furniture that are best moved by professionals who know how to properly disassemble pool tables, book cases or couches.  A futon can be disassembled into small pieces and easily transported with minimal risk of damage (or injury.) …
Be sure to select the right appliances for your small living space.

Custom Made Furniture Ideas for Tiny Living

You’ve probably seen them on social media, the Internet, or on TV shows like “Tiny House Nation” – small, fabulous homes that are mean, green and energy efficient. Tiny homes are touted as being affordable, earth-friendly, and some are even off the grid. If you don’t have a down payment for a condo or a suburban house, you may well be able to swing a more affordable tiny home. If you need to live in town, but can only afford a studio apartment, you fall in this “tiny living” category as well. Tiny living spurs new entrepreneurs in many areas: some companies make elegant homes out of railroad cars, others manufacture small, modular homes, and others produce furniture custom made for small apartments and tiny houses. …
This furniture might be too old for a DIY fix

When to Junk Furniture & When to do Furniture Repair

When your furniture becomes damaged, the temptation is to either try to fix it yourself, or to throw your hands up in despair and assume the piece is beyond repair. Sometimes those responses can be correct, but it’s critical to know when you can fix it yourself, and when it’s just too far gone for home remedies. Home furniture repair can be effective if the damage is slight, but if you attempt to make a big fix at home, you can ruin a valuable piece.  Here are some tips to help you determine which furniture disasters are DIY fixes, and which need professional help. …
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